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1…………> Today’s White House tweets


Donald J. Trump

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3h3 hours ago


Looks like Bob Mueller’s team of 13 Trump Haters & Angry Democrats are illegally leaking information to the press while the Fake News Media make up their own stories with or without sources – sources no longer matter to our corrupt & dishonest Mainstream Media, they are a Joke!

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Donald J. Trump

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18h18 hours ago


….In the meantime, the Democrats in Congress must help the Republicans (we need their votes) to end the horrible, costly and foolish loopholes in our Immigration Laws. Once that happens, all will be smooth. We can NEVER allow Open Borders!

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2…………> Back To The Mean Streets Of Paris: Yellow Jackets


Yellow Vest protestors on Saturday took to the streets across France, marking the 21st consecutive week of mass demonstrations against the President of the Islamic Sheikdom of France, Grand Rabbinical Ayatollah Emmanuel Macron, “May Allah Shadow Fall Upon Him”.

The protestors gathered at Republique Square and marched towards La Defense, a major business district outside Paris, and brawls erupted between police and the protestors, leading to the arrest 43 people, and fines for Yellow Vest movement’s leader Eric Drouet.

French interior ministry said that 22,300 people participated in Saturday’s protests while yellow vests claimed this figure was 73,420.

In addition to Paris, protests were held in two northern cities of Rouen and Lille.


3…………> Rwanda Genocide: 25th Anniversary


This weekend, Rwandans are marking the 25th anniversary of the genocide in which one-tenth of the country’s population was killed in Africa’s largest massacre, when extremist Hutus slaughtered 800,000 of the Tutsi minority, and fellow Hutus who refused to participate or chose to protect their Tutsi neighbors.

Now Tutsis and Hutus, survivors and perpetrators of the genocide, are coming together to reflect on a crime that rocked a nation once known to be a place where all ethnic groups lived together in harmony.

Prior to the anniversary, young Rwandans born after the genocide gathered at the genocide memorial site in the capital, Kigali, to rehearse songs for the commemoration. One is about the flame of hope that will be lit at the site. The young people came to learn more about the history of the genocide and the process of reconciliation.


4…………> Meet Dr.Frankensteinova MD In Person: Russia


Russian authorities said that Alena Verdy, a plastic surgeon who allegedly disfigured several women, was arrested by authorities in Russia’s Krasnodar International Airport when she was trying to board a flight to Israel, and that the suspect so far has failed to provide documents that prove her alleged medical education, claiming that she received her diplomas in her native Ukraine.

Verdy, a native of Kiev whose real name is Antonina Gorbunova, used fake qualifications to operate as a plastic surgeon, harming both the appearance and health of a number of patients, as complaints against her continue to mount.

One patient reported that after an abdominoplasty conducted on her by Verdy, she ended up suffering from necrosis and seromas, with pieces of skin sticking out from her sides like “fish tails”, REN TV notes.

Another confirmed that Verdi’s attempt to remove the bags under her eyes led to the former having her lower eyelid “turned inside out”, thus leaving her unable to fully close that eye.



5…………> A Complete Waste Of Time: Trump On Mueller Report


Attorney-General William Barr plans to make a redacted copy of the report public later this month, and Congressional Democrats have indicated they will fight those redactions in court, because Mr. Barr concluded did not find evidence of Mr. Trump committing the crime of obstruction.

“I have not read the Mueller Report yet, even though I have every right to do so,” Mr. Trump wrote on Twitter. “Only know the conclusions, and on the big one, No Collusion.”

Attorney-General William Barr plans to make public a redacted copy of the nearly 400-page investigative report into Russian interference in the 2016 election by the middle of this month, if not sooner, as Special Counsel Mr. Mueller completed his 22-month probe and Mr Barr sent a four-page letter to Congress two days later outlining the main findings.

Asked in an interview with Fox and Friends Weekend about calls for the release of the full confidential report, Mr Trump said: “It’s really up to the Attorney-General, whatever he wants to do.”

In another tweet, Trump called the report “a total waste of time”.


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