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Bibi1581 Blog For 05/20/2018: Evening Edition

1…………> Bamboo Houses: The Philippines

Meet the architect reviving a classic Filipino building aesthetic – and another whose ultra-modern design turns balconies into typhoon-ready rafts.




2…………> “Obama Boys Evacuate Damascus”: Syria


“At dawn, six buses of IS fighters and their relatives left the Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp and adjacent district of al-Tadamon,” said Rami Abdel Rahman, head of the Observatory, which is monitoring the Syrian conflict via a network of activists in the country.

Rahman said the vehicles headed east of Syria’s vast desert, where IS still holds some territory. The number of people that left the Damascus enclave is not clear.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights noted that at least 250 pro-regime fighters and some 233 Islamic State militants aka “Obama Boys” had been killed during the month-long assault.



3…………> Magma Flow: Kilauea

Hawaii’s Kilauea lava sent hydrochloric acid and steam with glass particles into air reached the sea, injured a man on the third-floor balcony as
the volcano was spewing and exploding on Hawaii’s Big Island has become more hazardous, with rivers of molten rock flowing into the ocean and flying lava causing the first major injury.

Erupting for more than two weeks and having burned dozens of homes, forcing people to flee and shot up plumes of steam from its summit that led officials to distribute face masks to protect against ash particles.

Two fissures had merged, creating a wide flow moving at up to 900 feet per hour.





4………..> Call Me “Mr. Flexible”: President Trump 

“The two leaders will work closely and unwaveringly for the successful hosting of the North Korea-US summit set on June 12, including the upcoming South Korea-US summit,” a presidential spokesperson said that Mr. Trump remains confident his meeting with Kim Jong-un will go ahead in June after over 20 minutes conversation on the phone with South Korea’s President Moon, exchanging their views on North Korea’s recent reactions.


Further dampening the mood, a spokesman for North Korea’s Red Cross Society demanded that South Korea’s Government should send North Korean female restaurant workers back to their home “without delay” to show the will to improve the inter-Korean ties, the North’s Korea Central News agency said.

“It is also to pressure the Moon Government to agree to its demand so that South Korea can keep up the momentum for the North Korea-US summit meeting,” Mr. Lee said.




5…………> Painted Slims: Mumbai

Indian artist Rouble Nagi, 38, started visiting slums in her hometown to give children art classes — but she soon realized she could give a lot more.

“When I go to these areas to teach art, I thought, if I’m not bringing art to their lives, then what am I doing?” she said after having a vision of transforming the city’s waterfront slums into giant works of art, the very slums of Mumbai that are home to millions of people, but regarded as eyesores in India’s glitziest city.

Now, with hundreds of volunteers, her foundation has been painting and beautifying slums all over the city, clean up mountains of rubbish scattered along the beachfront villages, and even planning to install toilets and run hygiene campaigns.


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