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1. “Not crazy are those souls who marvel at God’s creation, but the ones who ridicule them.”― George Sorbane

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1…………> Today’s White House Tweets


Donald J. Trump

@realDonald Trump


Donald J. Trump Retweeted




China will lower import tariffs on over 850 products from January 1.


Donald J. Trump Retweeted

Sky News Breaking


Dec 21

U.S. president Donald Trump says a “breakthrough” has been achieved in trade talks with China and he expects a deal to be signed “very shortly”


Donald J. Trump Retweeted

Bloomberg Economics



BREAKING: China says it will cut import tariffs for goods including frozen pork, pharmaceuticals, paper products and some high-tech components starting from Jan. 1, according to a statement from the Ministry of Finance


Donald J. Trump Retweeted

Kevin McCarthy



The FBI broke into President Trump’s campaign, spied on him, then tried to cover it up.

This is a modern-day Watergate.


2…………> A Dormant Iraq Cancer Out Of Remission: Islamic State


“We see the activities[IS] are increasing now, and we think the rebuilding phase is over,” said Mr.  Talabany, who heads the Zanyari Agency, one of two intelligence agencies in Iraqi Kurdistan, warning that IS cancer would be fed by the current unrest in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, and would exploit the sense of alienation among their fellow Sunni Muslims – a minority community.

The terrorist organization that has spent the past 12 months rebuilding from the ruins of the caliphate at his base in Sulaimaniya, nestled in the hills of the Kurdistan region of Northern Iraq, indicating that no longer wants to control any territory to avoid being a target.


3…………> At The Crossroads Of History: Bletchley Park


Helen Andrews was one of the youngest at Bletchley Park when she arrived from South America, a brilliant mathematician at 17, that had been told that she had a place at Cambridge.

When she docked at Tilbury, she was invited to the captain’s quarters, where she was told: “A man is waiting for you”, and the rest was history. 


4…………> Tokamak (EAST),Chinese Artificial Sun: Limitless Fusilon Energy


Since its operation in 2006, the Chinese-designed and -developed Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST), the “Chinese artificial sun,” has become an open test facility for both Chinese and international scientists to conduct fusion-related experiments.

Located in Hefei, capital of east China’s Anhui Province, the doughnut-shaped device aims to create all the extreme conditions needed for hydrogen atoms to fuse, a process that will release tremendous amounts of energy similar to what takes place inside the Sun.

EAST became the world’s first facility in November 2018 to generate an electron temperature of over 100 million degrees Celsius in its core plasma, nearly seven times the temperature of the Sun’s interior.


5…………> Mr.Xi’s New Toy: An Aircraft Carrier


A new Chinese carrier, the Shandong, which entered service on 17 December this year, was shown in action, with Chinese J-15 4th-generation jets practicing takeoff and landing on the boat.

Both the J-15 and the Shandong are heavily based on Soviet design, with the J-15 based on the Su-33 jet and the Shandong based on the Project 1143, or ‘Kuznetsov-class’, carrier family.


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George Sorbane Quotes:

1. “Every disorder is the beginning of new and higher order.”


Today’s White House Tweets

Donald J. Trump




Last year was the first in 51 years where prescription drug prices actually went down, but things have been, and are being, put in place that will drive them down substantially. If Dems would work with us in a bipartisan fashion, we would get big results very fast!




Donald J. Trump




Sleepy Joe Biden just admitted he worked with segregationists and separately, has already been very plain about the fact that he will be substantially raising everyone’s taxes if he becomes president. Ridiculously, all Democrats want to substantially raise taxes!


2…………> Neo-Nazis Heaven USA: Potter County


Is Potter County, Pennsylvania really a Neo-Nazi Heaven, at times when more than 1,000 extremist groups are active in the US, white supremacists carried out 78% of extremist-related murders in 2018, and Ku-Klux-Klan propaganda from white supremacists in the US increased 182%

“Are there troubles in your neighbourhood? Contact the traditional American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. You can sleep tonight knowing the Klan is awake,” a hate-monger sign declares.

For years, white supremacists had lived in the region, a serene farming area of rolling green hills and red barns, known as “God’s Country”.



3…………> Meghan, Harry & Archie: A Modern Love Story


The youngest member of Britain’s Royal family, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, has been christened in a private family ceremony at Windsor Castle, as he wore a replica of a lace and satin christening gown first worn by Queen Victoria’s firstborn.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have chosen to keep the name of their son’s godparents private, sparking anger from many royal fans, with royal fans lined the streets of Windsor in celebration.

The two-month-old son of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex was baptised in the private Chapel at the castle by Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, head of the Church of England, on Saturday.




4…………> Questioning The American Dream: The Art Of Faith Ringgold


Renown American, Harlem born artist Faith Ringgold, aged 88, who in 1950’s, became the first black scholar and woman to study art at the City College of New York, destined to be blessed with high-profile fans include Oprah Winfrey, Bill Clinton, the late Maya Angelou and millions others, is celebrating her art: with exhibition at London’s Serpentine Gallery.intensely pertinent, and close to home.

“There was so much creativity around me: music, art, dance, but there was also the fact that as black people, we were denied a position in the art world,” Faith Ringgold said.



5…………> A Tsunami Warning: Indonesia


The Indonesian authorities have issued a tsunami warning following a 7.1-magnitude earthquake in the Molucca Sea, between the islands of Maluku and Sulawesi, with the latest powerful earthquake of 7.3-magnitude in the area occurred in late-June, with the epicenter lying at a depth of 136 miles.

Indonesia is located in a seismically active zone girdling the northern Pacific Ocean known as the Ring of Fire and regularly suffers from powerful earthquakes, and last September, a devastating 7.5-magnitude earthquake struck the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, followed by tsunami waves more than 20 feet high that smashed the island.

Nearly 70,000 homes were destroyed or damaged, 80,000 people displaced and about 2,000 people killed, according to the Indonesian government.



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George Sorbane Quotes:

1. “Every disorder is the beginning of new and higher order.


Donald J. Trump




Hoping things will work out with Israel’s coalition formation and Bibi and I can continue to make the alliance between America and Israel stronger than ever. A lot more to do!




  1. unknown.jpg


2…………> Remember The Fallen: A Memorial Day Tribute


NETTUNO, Italy (May 24, 2019)

Musician 3rd Class Erik Horne, assigned to the U.S. Naval Forces Europe Band, plays “Taps” among the graves of fallen U.S. service members during a Memorial Day ceremony at the Sicily-Rome American Cemetery in Nettuno, Italy, May 24, 2019.

Throughout the course of U.S. history, service members have paid the ultimate price in defense of our nation. Memorial Day is a time to honor their sacrifice and remember their legacy.

This Memorial Day weekend, service members from the United States European Command will participate in ceremonies at 21 American World War I and World War II military cemeteries across Europe. This year marks the 75th anniversary of World War II. The partnerships forged 75 years ago endure today as U.S. forces in Europe remain committed to European allies and partners. U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Gregory N. Juday (Released) 190524-N-KB666-008.


3…………> A Moment Of Silence And Prayer: God Bless The Heroes


CAMBRIDGE, England (May 27, 2019)

Adm. James G. Foggo III, commander of U.S. Naval Forces Europe-Africa and commander, Allied Joint Force Command ., Italy, second from right, and U.S. Ambassador to the United Kingdom Robert Wood Johnson, right, stand during a moment of silence at a Memorial Day ceremony at Cambridge American Military Cemetery in Cambridge, England, May 27, 2019. CNE-CNA/C6F, headquartered in Naples, Italy, conducts the full spectrum of joint and naval operations, often in concert with allied and interagency partners, in order to advance U.S. national interests and security and stability in Europe and Africa. U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Jonathan Nelson (Released) 190527-N-WO404-013


4…………> On The Front Line Of World Peace: US Navy


GULF OF ALASKA (May 25, 2019) The Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) transits the Gulf of Alaska after participating in Exercise Northern Edge 2019. Northern Edge is one in a series of U.S. Indo-Pacific Command exercises in 2019 that prepares joint forces to respond to crisis in the Indo-Pacific region. U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Erick A. Parsons (Released) 190525-N-ZM949-1335


5…………> A Lunch With The Queen & More: Trump Visits The Isles


After Mr. Trump departs Japan, he will be given a royal treatment when he travels to the Islamic Sheikdom of UK during three-day state visit next week with first lady Melania for official engagements with departing Prime Minister Ayatolin Theresa May and members of the Royal family.

On day one, the Trumps will start their UK visit at Buckingham Palace, where they’ll meet with the Queen, the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall, be given a ceremonial welcome in the garden and will inspect the Guard of Honor, royal gun salutes will be fired in Green Park next to Buckingham Palace, and at the Tower of London on the River Thames, and Mr. and Mrs. Trump will be treated to a private lunch at the Palace with the Queen, and take a private tour of her Picture Gallery.

They’ll head to Westminster Abbey with Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, to lay a wreath at the grave of the Unknown Warrior, then the Trumps will travel to Normandy to attend a D-Day ceremony with President of the Islamic Sheikdom of France, Rabbinical Grand Ayatollah Emmanuel Macron.


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1…………>Today’s White House tweets

Donald J. Trump




Just spoke to Prime Minister Abe of Japan concerning North Korea and Trade. Very good conversation!




  1. unknown.jpg


Donald J. Trump




….Alabama, Iowa, Nebraska, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and others unless much more money is given to Puerto Rico. The Dems don’t want farmers to get any help. Puerto Rico should be very happy and the Dems should stop blocking much needed Disaster Relief!




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Donald J. Trump




Puerto Rico has been given more money by Congress for Hurricane Disaster Relief, 91 Billion Dollars, than any State in the history of the U.S. As an example, Florida got $12 Billion & Texas $39 Billion for their monster hurricanes. Now the Democrats are saying NO Relief to……




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Donald J. Trump




Scott Walker is 100% correct when he says that the Republicans must WAKE UP to the Democrats State by State power grab. They play very dirty, actually, like never before. Don’t allow them to get away with what they are doing!






2…………> Hard Immigration Enforcement: Warrant Program


The Warrant Service Officer (WSO) program was launched during a signing ceremony with Lieutenant Governor of Florida Jeanette Núñez, Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri, National Sheriffs’ Association Executive Director Jonathan Thompson and ICE Deputy Executive Associate Director for Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) David Marin

The WSO derives its authority from section 287(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act, but unlike the 287(g) program, WSO officers will not question individuals about their citizenship, alienage or removability, nor will they process aliens who are unlawfully present in the United States.

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) announced today the creation of a new collaborative program intended for local law-enforcement that wish to honor immigration detainers but are prohibited due to state and local policies that limit cooperation with the agency.

The effort, also intended for rural jurisdictions that lack the budget and personnel resources to become 287(g) partners, has gained interest from several other local law-enforcement agencies, which also attended the ceremony, and additional signings are expected soon.

The new procedure was prompted by requests from the National Sheriffs’ Association and the Major County Sheriffs of America, which asked for a program limited in scope that would allow jurisdictions prohibited from honoring immigration detainers to cooperate with ICE.


3…………> Welcome Son: Harry & Meghan


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have welcomed their first child, with Buckingham Palace announcing the Duchess of Sussex gave birth to a son at 5:26am, local time, and the boy, as yet unnamed, was born weighing seven pounds and three ounces.

Baby Sussex is seventh in line to the throne, Meghan and Harry’s son will likely not have a Royal title like Kate and William’s kids, and  mother and child are both reported to be doing well.


4…………> A Lightning Strike: Aeroflot Crash


Modern aircraft are designed to withstand lightning strikes, and Aeroflot aid only that the plane returned to the airport for “technical reasons”, but passengers and crew on board a jet that was forced to make an emergency landing at a Moscow airport say it was struck by lightning moments before it crashed.

One passenger who survived the crash, Pyotr Yegorov, was quoted as saying that the flight “had just taken off and the aircraft was hit by lightning”, adding: “The landing was rough – I almost passed out from fear.”


5…………> Stay Out Of South China Sea: China To Trump


US guided-missile destroyers Preble and Chung-Hoon traveled within 12 nautical miles of Gaven and Johnson Reefs, that form part of the Spratly Islands, a region of the South China Sea over which China claims sovereignty.

China said on Monday that it has warned two US ships sailing near disputed islands in the South China Sea to leave the area, the Foreign Ministry said the US vessels entered the waters without Chinese permission, and the protests come amid heightened tension between Beijing and Washington over trade tariffs, sanctions and Taiwan.


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Bibi1581 Blog: Morning Edition For 01/03/2019

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1…………> Today’s White House Tweets: President Trump

46 minutes ago

  • The United States Treasury has taken in MANY billions of dollars from the Tariffs we are charging China and other countries that have not treated us fairly. In the meantime, we are doing well in various Trade Negotiations currently going on. At some point, this had to be done!

  • The Shutdown is only because of the 2020 Presidential Election. The Democrats know they can’t win based on all of the achievements of “Trump,” so they are going all out on the desperately needed Wall and Border Security – and Presidential Harassment. For them, strictly politics!

  • “MAGA list: 205 ‘historic results’ help Trump make case for 2020 re-election”

  • Sadly, there can be no REAL Border Security without the Wall!

  • …I remain ready and willing to work with Democrats to pass a bill that secures our borders, supports the agents and officers on the ground, and keeps America Safe. Let’s get it done!


2…………>Cancer Detective: A Breathalyzer


A non-invasive, very powerful device that can detect a slew of cancers in patients, long before the illness has spread, has been invented and built by the [Islamic May’sdom of UK] company Owlstone Medical, according to its CEO Mr.Billy Boyle.

The first clinical trial will include patients with suspected oesophageal and stomach cancers, utilizing the new “Breath Biopsy sensor”, designed to detect cancer signs in molecules exhaled by patients.(BBC)



3…………>The Big Surprise: China’s Moon Mission


While President Trump is fighting with bunch of newly-hatched, “spoon headed” American socialists aka “Communists” over attempt to close the border to the Narco-State of Mexico to drug cartels and millions of pee drenched peddlers, a Chinese spacecraft made the first landing on the far side of the Moon, sending back a treasure trow of images from our celestial neighbor.

China becomes the first country to complete a soft landing on the Moon’s far side, with space probe “The Chang’e 4” to investigate the Moon’s potential to support future space travelers, all part of its ambitious plan to explore the planet’s resources.




4…………>China’s Citizen X: Executed


In a chilling “copy-cat” drama of crimes by the Russian serial killer Andrei Chicatilo, a 53-year-old Chinese grocer Gao Chengyong aka China’s “Jack the Ripper”, a man responsible for the brutal murders of 11 women and girls, was executed in Baiyin City, located in the country’s north-west.

He confessed to his long trail of crimes in 2018, after being linked to them by DNA to gruesome killings of young women and girls, with victims raped prior to their deaths, followed by cutting off the hands, ears, and genitals of his victims.



5…………>The Pelosi Disaster: No End In Sight


The Democrats will try again to pass the blame for the shutdown on to the president, pointing out that the bills they will pass would be similar to legislation that had won bipartisan support in the Senate in December before Mr Trump signalled he would not back it.

Mr Trump’s Republicans had passed a budget bill including $5bn (£4bn) funding for the wall in December, when they still had a majority in the House but they could not get the necessary 60 votes in the 100-seat Senate.

One Democrat bill would temporarily fund the Department of Homeland Security until 8 February, while another measure would fund other departments closed by the partial shutdown until 30 September. NancyPelosi, who is the new House majority leader, said the Democrats would quickly pass budget legislation providing sufficient funds to end the shutdown.

“There is no amount of persuasion he can do to say to us, ‘We want you to do something that is not effective, that costs billions of dollars,'” she said.

The Senate majority leader, Mitch “Harry’s Twin” McConnell said GOP there will not back legislation that President Trump does not support, calling the Democrats’ bill a “total nonstarter” and a “political sideshow”, a criminal distraction that has now lasted 13 days and affected 800,000 federal workers.


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Bibi1581 Blog For 05/05/2018: Evening Edition

1…………> An Ancient Culture Cove: Tower Collection

Some of the 8 million books harbored and cherished in The Cambridge University Library, and its banned books of the Tower Collection, with the oldest manuscripts dating from 1710, and the most recent material from the 21st century, may see the light of day for the first time in decades.

The 17-story Tower, designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, became storage home to the so-called “secondary material” which entitles Cambridge University Library to get a copy of every book published in the U.K.

Among the books the tower holds, there is “The Hobbit” by J.R.R. Tolkien and Ian Fleming’s “Casino Royale”. Such novels were deemed of little academic value at the time of publication and effectively banished to the Tower.

“Now regarded as an archive of global importance, the Tower’s irreplaceable contents tell the story of our national life through the printed word,” the exhibition’s curator Liam Sims told Anadolu Agency.

The Cambridge University’s history goes back to 1209 and it holds 31 independent colleges, 150 departments, faculties, and institutes.



2………….> Putin 101: Bear Paw Across the Face

President “Comrade Colonel” Putin may be reliving some moments of past Soviet Union glory as the opposition leader Alexei Navalny and more than 1,600 anti-Kremlin refuseniks have been arrested by police during street protests ahead of his inauguration for a fourth presidential term.

Mr. Putin who has been portrayed by Kremlin-friendly media as the “Fatherly person” of the nation, won a landslide re-election victory in March, cementing his power position after being in power, either as president or prime minister, since 2000.

Protests were reported across Russia including the far east and Siberia as  Mr. Navalny called for Russians to take to the streets in more than 90 towns and cities across the world’s largest country to register their opposition to Mr. Putin’s autocratic “Tsar-like” rule.

3…………> Shot At Political Correctness: Trump

President Donald Trump has done it again, outraging the Muslim believers in the Islamic Sheikdom of France by suggesting the 2015 jihadists attacks on Paris could have been stopped by giving people guns.

He mimicked gunmen summoning and shooting victims one by one, saying “Boom! Come over here!” and using his hand to imitate a gun being fired, while the politically correct opposition was infuriated by his omission of the fact that
the terrorist sprayed many of their 130 victims with semi-automatic fire and set off bomb belts.

“France expresses its firm disapproval of the comments by President Trump about the attacks of 13 November 2015 in Paris and asks for the memory of the victims to be respected,” the foreign ministry said. 

François Hollande, who was French president at the time of the attacks, said Mr. Trump’s remarks were “shameful”. They “said a lot about what he thinks of France and its values”, he added.

Manuel Valls, who was France’s prime minister in 2015, tweeted: “Indecent and incompetent. What more can I say?”

Manuel Valls


Indécent et incompétent.Que dire de plus?

2:42 AM – May 5, 2018

In the same speech to the National Rifle Association (NRA) in Dallas, Texas, the US president criticised the level of knife crime in London, comparing one of the city’s hospitals to a “war zone”.

“Paris, France, has the toughest gun laws in the world… Nobody has guns in Paris, nobody, and we all remember more than 130 people, plus tremendous numbers of people that were horrible, horribly wounded. Did you notice that nobody ever talks about them? They were brutally killed by a small group of terrorists that had guns. They took their time and gunned them down one by one. Boom! Come over here. Boom! Come over here. Boom! But if one employee or just one patron had a gun, or if just one person in this room had been there with a gun, aimed at the opposite direction, the terrorists would have fled or been shot.” he told the NRA. 

4…………> CO2 Bomb: Tick, Tick You Die


Prof. Ralph Keeling has been recording carbon dioxide levels at the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii since 1958. 

“We keep burning fossil fuels. Carbon dioxide keeps building up in the air. It’s essentially as simple as that. At the recent pace, we’ll hit 450 ppm in a mere 16 years, and 500 ppm 20 years after that. That’s well within the dangerous territory for the climate system,” he pointed out.

Carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere, which contributes heavily to human-induced global warming, is now at its highest level in the past 800,000 years, according to scientists.

5…………> A Message Of Peace

Leave the madness behind and listen to the music of eternal peace, Christus Vincit circa 1982.


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Bibi1581 Blog For 04/23/2018: Morning Edition

1…………> An Affront To Trump: A Hate Crime

NYPD is on the lookout for a middle-aged African-American man sporting red “Make America Great Again” baseball hat, who verbally and physically assaulted a Mexican man, pushing him in the subway tracks at Manhattan’s Union Square subway station. The incident is being investigated as a hate crime.




2…………> Islamic Merkeldom fo Germany: Gold Reserves

Following the wise example of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT) that transferred some 220 tons of Turkish gold from the US Federal Reserve System worth $25.3 billion to Ankara, the Islamic Merkeldom of Germany central bank withdrew half of its gold reserves totalling 1,710 tons of gold bars from the same bank and stored it in a heavily fortified and protected vault in Frankfurt. Why? As President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s correctly called the endless Forex market chicanery of the US Federal Reserve in pursuit of control of the world banking system, many nations decided to “to get rid of exchange rate’s pressure and to use gold against the dollar.”




3…………> No More Stealth: CIA

Being in the spy business in the times of CCTV on every possible place has become even more challenging, if not impossible, that is according to CIA science & technology deputy director Dawn Meyerriecks who said that the agency faces a number of problems related to closed-circuit cameras, social media, smartphones and other wireless technology which have made it possible for its agents to get tracked by adversaries from behind a computer screen.

He admitted that the CCTV and wireless infrastructure in about 30 countries around the world has now reached a level where counterintelligence services no longer need to physically track CIA assets to get a bead on their location.






4…………> Baby Boy: Duchess of Cambridge

The Duchess of Cambridge has given birth to a son at the Lindo Wing of St Mary’s hospital in London, her third child, a boy, weighs 8lbs 7oz and was born at 11.01 am UK time.
The prince is now fifth-in-line to the British throne, behind his siblings, his father Prince William and grandfather Prince Charles, and ever-present bookmakers have Albert, Arthur, Jack and Fred as the favorite names for the prince.

The palace says “the Queen, The Duke of Edinburgh, the Prince of Wales, the Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Harry and members of both families have been informed and are delighted with the news”, and so are millions of admirers of the splendid couple.





5…………> Speedy Duck-Gonzalez: Switzerland

A duck or pair of ducks have been caught by the same speed camera flying at more than 20 kilometers per hour over the speed limit, and the felons are still at large, qualifying for a one-month driving ban and a hefty fine dependent on defendant’s yearly income, according to the Swiss police.

“The duck was traveling in a low-altitude flight at 52 kilometers per hour in a 30-kilometer zone,” local police said in a statement accompanying a picture of the airborne speed fiend.


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