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George Sorbane Quotes: “Hey Americans, he screamed furiously at the drones. Brothers of the wolf, sisters of the wind, children of the Sun! Send the Choctaw warrior a quick and merciful death, instead of abandoning us into slavery or shameful capture”, Ziban Must Die.


Read for free Sorbane‘s remarkable story of a Bulgarian family providing help and comfort to a dying American spy, a kindness that sent them on a harrowing escape through the Iron Curtain, with KGB in close pursuit.
“The Endless Beginning”


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1…………> Today’s White House Tweets


Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump


Donald J. Trump



2…………> New COVID19 Mutations In France: Stand By


At least 10 cases in France suspected to be new COVID19 strain from UK, according to Health Minister, as Austria confirms 5 cases of new COVID19 mutations from UK and South Africa.

.Live Updates: At Least 10 Cases in France Suspected to be New Coronavirus Strain From UK – Sputnik International (


3…………> Fighting New COVID-19 Mutations: South Africa


South Africa medical scientists in say there is a “reasonable concern” that the new variant of Covid-19 sweeping across the country might prove to be more resistant to current vaccines being rolled out in the UK and elsewhere:

“It’s a theoretical concern. A reasonable concern… that the South African variant might be more resistant,” Prof Shabir Madhi, who has led trials for the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine in South Africa, told the BBC.

Prof Madhi was responding to comments by the UK government and scientists, saying that a definitive answer would probably come in a matter of weeks, with extensive testing already under way in South Africa, and a real concern that the virus here has mutated far more than the variant in the UK, and one of those mutations might mean it can evade attack by antibodies that would normally fight coronavirus.



4…………> Back In The Skies: Qantas


The Qantas airline is now taking bookings for flights across its entire international network from July 1, 2021, which is earlier than expected for some destinations, and has reopened bookings for international flights from July, in one of the most promising signs yet for a return of overseas travel this year.

This includes flights to the US and the UK, which had been expected to be grounded until October 21 at least.



5…………> Yo Ain’t Welcome: US Agencies Prep For Biden Violence?


The president Trump himself has been encouraging supporters to take to the streets of DC in a massive protest against the results of the election on the day when Congress is set to certify them, hence is no surprise that federal law enforcement agencies in and out of DC have for the most part been preparing for the upcoming inauguration of Joe Biden without any specific threats in mind. The scale of the security arrangements is on par with previous years, despite the fact that attendance in 2021 will likely be significantly lower due to the coronavirus pandemic.  There is one threat that some agencies fear could come to pass and that they are struggling to prepare for – domestic unrest and violent protests in DC, citing a dozen anonymous sources involved in the preparations.


6…………> A Message Of Peace


Leave the madness behind and listen to the music of eternal peace and hope, Christus Vincit circa 1982.



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Ziban Must Die

A Bedouin caravan traveling through the Negev desert stumbles onto the body of dying Mossad agent, Adnan Al Harirri, a momentous event that warns Western Intelligence about Chechen followers of the wayward cleric Abdul Rahman Abudaev being in possession of an MWMD, (Miniature Weapon of Mass Destruction), capable of creating enough phosgene gas to kill thousands of people in a relatively closed space. When a subliminal interrogation of a Hezbollah pilot reveals the conspiracy “Ziban must die”, a maddening race explodes in the search of the assassins, search laced with terror, blatant treachery in the highest levels of World Governments, and questions about future of our democracy that will surely put ice water in the veins of anyone who gets across the Machiavellian dream of the New world Order, Order without sacred religions or bellowed Constitutions.

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Bibi1581 Blog For 03/02/2018: Evening Edition

1…………> An Yacht Of Thieves: Bali


A luxury yacht 270 feet long, with a swimming pool on deck, a helipad, movie theatre, spa and sauna, cabins for 28 crew and 18 guests, and an interior lined with marble and gold leaf, did not prevent the FBI from tipping Indonesia’s criminal investigation bureau from tracing it to the island of Lombok last weekend, then seized it as it sailed into Bali.

Why? Police suspected it was purchased with stolen funds, according to a senior police commander Agung Setya:

“We know that only the crew were on board.We are checking the ship’s captain to know more about what they were doing in Indonesia.We’re still investigating.”




2…………> Taiwan War: Threat Or A Bluff?


Despite the fact that US-Taiwan bill only needs President Trump’s signature to become a law, and the US is bound by law to help the island defend itself, the Chinese Government warned Taiwan it will get burnt if it seeks to rely on outsiders, adding to warnings from state media that China could go to war if the United States promotes closer ties with the self-ruled island that China claims as its own.

So much for the “good chemistry” between a Chinese General of KGB named Mr. Xi, and an ardent exponent of everything capitalistic, yours truly President Donald Trump, “good vibrations” heralded by the globalist “Fake News” media.


The only question is, who will blink first?

“[It] would lead to the inevitable consequence of triggering the Anti-Secession Law that allows Beijing to use force to prevent the island from seceding,” the China Daily said, referring to a Chinese law passed in 2005.

“Since the US is bound by domestic law to act on behalf of the island in that instance, it would only give substance to the observation that the descent into hell is easy.”




3…………> Breaking: A Coup In Progress: Burkina Faso


“Avoid these areas as much as you can for now… you can help forces in action by giving information on any movement, individual, or suspicious behavior,” police warned after gunshots and explosions were heard near the Prime Ministry in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

“The attack concerns the following areas according to the first information available: around the Prime Ministry, the roundabout near United Nations,” it said.

”Confirmed reports of gunfire in downtown Ouagadougou in the vicinity of the Prime minister’s offices as well as the United Nations Rond-point. Avoid the area of downtown Ouagadougou. Seek secure shelter. We will keep you updated as the situation evolves,” Canada Embassy tweeted.





4…………> A Diabetes Cluster: Genome

A large study of diabetes, an immune system illness that affects 1 in 11 people worldwide, was conducted by Lund University Diabetes Centre in Sweden and the Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland, working with a sample of 14,775 patients and a detailed analysis of their blood tests, concluded that in fact, it is a cluster of five separate diseases, giving hope to sufferers than one day a patient-tailored treatments may be possible.


Prof Leif Groop, one of the researchers, told the BBC: “This is extremely important, we’re taking a real step towards precision medicine. In the ideal scenario, this is applied to diagnosis and we target treatment better.”

Experts said the study was a herald of the future of diabetes care but changes to treatment would not be immediate. 





5…………> A Message Of Peace

Walk into the light of the Lord and listen to the sound of Christus Vincit, a message of peace and hope.




6…………> Market Report 03/02/2018, cover short 24,700, CG(6242), 11/22/17

Short position at 24850 was covered for a gain of 50 DIA points, and new long position established at 24900, sell stop triggered at 25350 for a gain of 450 DIA points. New position short at 25300, cover shortstop 24,700 for a gain of 600 DIA points.

Stock market old timers have said that “you buy the rumor, and sell the news”, and that is exactly what is happening right now, with the news that President Trump is about to start a metal tariff war, slapping 25% surcharge on steel and 10% on aluminum. DIA resistance is in the 27,000 area, with supports at 24135, 21354 and 18900 level, US dollar in a downtrend, resistance at 1.003319 CHF, support at .92 and 0.9: Gold in an uptrend, watch break resistance of 1377 to be taken soon. The massive Fed balance sheet contraction will result in a $600 billion dollars being dumped on the credit markets each quarter, a leftover of the horrendous $4.3 trillion money printing of Obama’s septic tank that will surely exert a severe pressure on stocks and financial assets.


We warned long ago that an organized attempt to remove President Trump from office is underway, and if this activity is not curtailed soon, the market will open on gap below 20,000 with next stop 17300 and 11800 support levels.

Stocks were down 420 to 24538, DJ futures at -81

Gold up to 1323.4 and USD/CHF up to 0.9381 due to the tariff imposition. Translation? As the dollar goes down, we have to wait and see if the new Fed Chair Jerome Powell will continue pressuring gold and the Eurasian block with it down below $1000/oz in an economic WW3. Watch cover short stop at 24700. We have to wait and see if new Fed chair Powell will attempt to destroy Eurasian block by sending gold prices below 1000, despite the fact both Russia and China have been buying their whole gold production in local gold backed currency instead of money printing machines. In other words, US has lost controls of the precious metals complex, and with Trump’s infrastructure and tax cut campaign the National debt will soon be at, or over 30 trillion dollars, since D.C. swamp alligators have no intention dropping their pet projects. Read “Ziban Must Die” for more details on the coming collision of Trump’s administration with “Deep State” operators funded by the billionaires’ supporters of the New World 

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