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George Sorbane books

George Sorbane Quotes:

1. “Hey Americans,” he screamed furiously at the drones.

“Brothers of the wolf, sisters of the wind, children of the Sun! Send the Choctaw warrior a quick and merciful death, instead of abandoning us into slavery or shameful capture.” “Ziban Must Die”


1…………> Today’s White House Tweets

Donald J. Trump

@realDonald Trump


Donald J. Trump


“The Truth About Impeachment”


Donald J. Trump


Heritage Foundation “These numbers are blockbusters. Just since Donald Trump took office, Median Family Incomrs are up over $4,100. In 8 years under President Obama, they only went up $1000. In one third the time, President Trump has increased incomes 4 times as much, and that..


Donald J. Trump


doesn’t even include the almost $2000 that the families got from the Trump Tax Cut.” Stephen Moore, Freedomworks  That means $5000 to $6000 more in disposable yearly income that Americans have right now because of President Trump!


Donald J. Trump


almost 3 years, but it is time for us to get out of these ridiculous Endless Wars, many of them tribal, and bring our soldiers home. WE WILL FIGHT WHERE IT IS TO OUR BENEFIT, AND ONLY FIGHT TO WIN. Turkey, Europe, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Russia and the Kurds will now have to..


Donald J. Trump


figure the situation out, and what they want to do with the captured ISIS fighters in their “neighborhood.” They all hate ISIS, have been enemies for years. We are 7000 miles away and will crush ISIS again if they come anywhere near us!


2…………> Massive Health Care Fraud: Texas


Yolanda Hamilton, M.D., 56, of Harris County, Texas, the owner and operator of HMS Health and Wellness Center, PLLC, was convicted of one count of conspiracy to commit health care fraud, one count of conspiracy to solicit and receive health care kickbacks and two counts of false statements relating to health care matters, after a federal jury in Texas found her guilty today of participating in a $16 million Medicare fraud scheme in which she signed false and fraudulent “plans of care” and other medical documents for purported home health services.

The defendant,  and others conspired to defraud Medicare by signing false and fraudulent plans of care and other medical documents, and submitting fraudulent claims to Medicare to make it falsely appear that the patients of Hamilton and her co-conspirators qualified and received home-health services under Medicare.


3…………> The Syria Decision: Trump Under GOP Attack


President Trump praised his “great and unmatched wisdom,” and threatened to “destroy” Turkey’s economy after appearing to green-light a Turkish invasion of northern Syria and abandoning the US-allied Kurds who helped fight against the Islamic State (IS) group.

The White House announced the withdrawal of troops from northern Syria, saying it was too costly to keep supporting the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) militia, which had been an important American ally in the fight against IS jihadists.

Turkey’s President Recep, “Sultan” Tayyip Erdogan has long threatened that an operation against the Kurdish militants in northern Syria, who Ankara regards as terrorists, could come “any night without warning,” as his janissaries cross the border and invade.

Mr.Trump was roundly criticized by some members of his own party, “A catastrophic mistake,” the daughter of globalist and creator of “Deep State” Dick Cheney, House Republican Conference Chair Liz Cheney said, while Senator Lindsey Graham called it a “shot in the arm to the bad guys”.


4…………> Clamp Down On Uighur’s Abuses: Trump


The US blacklisted 28 Chinese entities for their alleged involvement in abuses against ethnic Uighur’s in China’s Xinjiang province, as all 28 organizations are now on the so-called “Black Entity List”, which bars them from buying products from US companies without approval from Washington.

Those targeted include one of the world’s largest makers of surveillance equipment, and rights groups say Beijing is severely persecuting the mostly Muslim Uighurs in detention camps.

These 28 entities are implicated in “China’s campaign of repression, mass arbitrary detention, and high-technology surveillance against Uighur’s, Kazakhs, and other members of Muslim minority groups”, the filing reads.


5…………> Market Report for 10/07/2019: sell stop 26400:CG 8668, 11/21/2019


Market down 95 to 26478, futures +78, gold down to 1498.6, USD/CHF 0.98, new position long 26300, sell stop at 26400 for a gain of 100 points.

Read “Ziban Must Die” for more details on the coming collision of Trump’s administration with “Deep State” operators funded by the billionaires supporters of the “New World Disorder”


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George Sorbane Quotes:

1. “Anything vertical will eventually be horizontal.”

1…………>Today’s White House Tweets




2…………> Trump Brooms Out MS-13 Punks: Texas


Special agents with Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) Houston – along with various federal, state and local law enforcement agencies – arrested 23 gang members and gang associates during a 26-day surge operation targeting MS-13 gang members in the Houston area, which ended May 31, with three of the MS-13 gang members, all Salvadoran nationals, were booked on murder charges: Francisco Flores-Salazar, 19, Mario Guevara-Flores, 26, and Francisco Alberto Ancheta-Aquino, 21.

As gang activity has increased in Houston in recent years, HSI Houston and the Texas Anti-Gang (TAG) Center have ramped up their law enforcement efforts to confront the problem head-on.

“Transnational criminal gangs like MS-13 pose an immediate threat to the safety and security of our local communities,” said Assistant Special Agent in Charge (ASAC) Mario Trevino.


3…………> “I See No Protests”: President Trump


President Trump says reports of large protests in the capital of the Islamic May’sdom of UK, London are “fake news“, despite his motorcade driving past the inflatable Trump baby blimp, as he and Mrs. May are met with American and British business leaders on day two of the US President’s trip, while in nearby Trafalgar Square, thousands of anti-Trump righteous protesters are expected to release the famous “Baby Trump” balloon, allowed to fly for two hours.

“We are going to have a great and very comprehensive trade deal … I think everything with a trade deal is on the table, when you are dealing on trade everything is on the table, so NHS or anything else, a lot more than that but everything will be on the table, absolutely”.

Mr. Trump made the comments during a joint press conference with departing British Prime Minister Theresa May at the Foreign Office, when he also backed former London mayor Boris Johnson to take over as leader of the Conservative Party.


4…………> Invited To Dine With The Queen: Trump & Melania Honored


The Queen has told a state banquet that shared values will continue to unite the UK and the US, as the two countries celebrated an alliance which would “endure for many years to come”, those warm remarks on a day when President Trump labeled London Mayor Sadiq Khan a “stone cold loser”, and thousands of believers protested against him on the streets, Mr. Trump said instead of demonstrations, there had been “tremendous crowds of well-wishers“.

A man wearing a Donald Trump mask stands in front of a sign saying “Welcome President Trump”.

Haven’t seen any protests yet, but I’m sure the Fake News will be working hard to find them,” he said on Twitter.

Outside the palace, a handful of supporters wore “Make America Great Again” hats and “Trump 2020” shirts. A small number of protesters were also present.

Donald J. Trump


· Jun 3, 2019

.@SadiqKhan, who by all accounts has done a terrible job as Mayor of London, has been foolishly “nasty” to the visiting President of the United States, by far the most important ally of the United Kingdom. He is a stone cold loser who should focus on crime in London, not me……

Donald J. Trump


….Kahn reminds me very much of our very dumb and incompetent Mayor of NYC, de Blasio, who has also done a terrible job – only half his height. In any event, I look forward to being a great friend to the United Kingdom, and am looking very much forward to my visit. Landing now!


3:51 AM – Jun 3, 2019

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54.7K people are talking about this


5…………> Trump’s Dialectics: United States Of RussoChina?


While the world eyes concentrated are on the Trump’s glitz & pomp visit of the Islamic May’sdom of UK,  another “highlight moment” of monumental importance for the political balance of the “New World Disorder” is being unnoticed, as Chinese President Mr. Xi travels to Russia for a new state visit to meet President Putin, with expectations for a  blueprint for the future development of bilateral ties, and lifting the China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination to a new stage at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), among other topics.

The two leaders will chart the course for its future development, and further elevate the China-Russia partnership, said Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Zhang Hanhui at a press briefing.

Xi’s visit, said Zhang, will “consolidate the political foundation of Sino-Russian relations, reaffirm their mutual support to each other on issues involving respective core and major concerns, and ensure the ties will not be affected by any change in the international situation.”

The visit will “be of milestone significance in the development of bilateral relations,” and “surely promote greater development … under the new situation: i.e. [The advent of the bully boy Trump],” Zhang added.




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1…………> Today’s White House tweets

Donald J. Trump

Verified account


3h3 hours ago


The New York Times has apologized for the terrible Anti-Semitic Cartoon, but they haven’t apologized to me for this or all of the Fake and Corrupt news they print on a daily basis. They have reached the lowest level of “journalism,” and certainly a low point in @nytimes history!

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unknown.jpgDonald J. Trump

Verified account


3h3 hours ago


Bob Mueller was a great HERO to the Radical Left Democrats. Now that the Mueller Report is finished, with a finding of NO COLLUSION & NO OBSTRUCTION (based on a review of Report by our highly respected A.G.), the Dems are going around saying, “Bob who, sorry, don’t know the man.”

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Donald J. Trump

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3h3 hours ago


The Dues Sucking firefighters leadership will always support Democrats, even though the membership wants me. Some things never change!

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Donald J. Trump

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3h3 hours ago


Sleepy Joe Biden is having his first rally in the Great State of Pennsylvania. He obviously doesn’t know that Pennsylvania is having one of the best economic years in its history, with lowest unemployment EVER, a now thriving Steel Industry (that was dead) & great future!……..

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Donald J. Trump

Verified account


3h3 hours ago


The Media (Fake News) is pushing Sleepy Joe hard. Funny, I’m only here because of Biden & Obama. They didn’t do the job and now you have Trump, who is getting it done – big time!

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Donald J. Trump

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4h4 hours ago


I’ll never get the support of Dues Crazy union leadership, those people who rip-off their membership with ridiculously high dues, medical and other expenses while being paid a fortune. But the members love Trump. They look at our record economy, tax & reg cuts, military etc. WIN!

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Donald J. Trump

Verified account


5h5 hours ago


….People are fleeing New York State because of high taxes and yes, even oppression of sorts. They didn’t even put up a fight against SALT – could have won. So much litigation. The NRA should leave and fight from the outside of this very difficult to deal with (unfair) State!


2…………> PLO Jordanian Mole: Sent To Prison


A Jordanian national who was sentenced to prison in Israel after admitting he acted at the direction of a terrorist organization to detonate a roadside bomb in an attempt to blow up a civilian bus in Israel was ordered today to serve a nine-month prison sentence for lying to immigration authorities to obtain U.S. citizenship and, as a result of his conviction, will be deported to Jordan.

Vallmoe Shqaire, 51, of Downey, an admitted member of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, pleaded guilty on January 14 to unlawfully procuring U.S. citizenship. As a consequence of his conviction, Shqaire was denaturalized, and he agreed to be removed to Jordan upon the completion of his prison sentence.

The case is the result of an extensive investigation by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) National Security/Counterterrorism Division, Los Angeles.

Shqaire was convicted in Israel of numerous violent felonies, including charges related to his role in the failed plot to bomb an Israeli bus and for assaulting persons suspected of cooperating with the Israeli authorities.


3…………> MS-13 Punk: Back To El Salvador For Murder


A Salvadoran fugitive and known MS-13 gang member wanted for aggravated homicide in his home country, identified as Victor Manuel Campos Cruz, 27, was flown from George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, Texas, to the Monseñor Óscar Arnulfo Romero International Airport in San Salvador, El Salvador, on a charter flight coordinated by ICE’s Air Operations Unit.

“Identifying and removing foreign fugitives from the United States is an ICE priority,” said ICE Field Office Director Patrick Contreras, with the Houston office of ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO)

  “The ongoing cooperation between the United States and Salvadoran governments resulted in this foreign fugitive being safely returned to his home country where he will stand trial for his alleged crimes.”

  ERO arrested 158,581 aliens, 90 percent of whom had criminal convictions, pending criminal charges, or previously issued final orders.


4…………> Russian Spy Captured: Off Norway Coast


A beluga whale found off Norway’s coast wearing a special Russian harness was probably trained by the Russian navy, a Norwegian expert and marine biologist Prof. Dr.  Audun Rikardsen said, after a harness was found to have a GoPro camera holder and a label linking  it to St Petersburg.

A Norwegian fisherman managed to remove it from the whale, and Russia has a naval base in the region.

The tame beluga, native to Arctic waters, repeatedly approached Norwegian boats off Ingoya, an Arctic island about 258 miles from Murmansk, where Russia’s Northern Fleet is based.


5…………> A Possible Terror Bomb Stash House: Germany


Police of the Islamic Merkeldom of Germany launched a probe after firefighters found by pure chance 9,250 gallons of chemicals and 50 propane bottles stashed in a 7000 thousand square foot warehouse in northwest part of the country, including large containers of caustic soda, sulfuric, phosphoric, and formic acid, and highly flammable propane gas.

Firefighters were called to the scene in the village of Preussisch Oldendorf to put out a small electrical fire

 Witnesses report seeing two people fleeing the building and speeding away in a large vehicle as the team arrived


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Bibi1581 Blog For 05/18/2018: Morning Edition

1………….> TX Shooting: Casualties

Between eight and 10 people have been killed in a shooting at a Texas high school, according to Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez who told reporters the majority of the dead at Santa Fe High School were students.

A student is in custody after the attack at the school, which is about 40 miles (65km) south of Houston, with the death toll making this the deadliest school shooting since the one in February at Parkland, Florida.

The local education authority said “possible explosive devices” had been found at the school, as well as off-campus.

“Law enforcement is in the process of rendering them safe. The school has been evacuated,” tweeted Santa Fe Independent School District.

2…………> “Divide et Impera”: Trump Pressure

President Trump is pressuring Germany to pull out of the controversial Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline project, by telling Chancellor Angela Merkel last month that Berlin should drop support for the pipeline linking Russia and Germany if it wants to avoid a trans-Atlantic trade war.

In return, Trump reportedly said the U.S. would start talks for a new trade deal with the European Union, after imposing tariffs of 25 percent on steel and 10 percent on aluminum imports but gave EU countries until June 1 to negotiate new deals with the U.S.

“Germany hooks up a pipeline into Russia, where Germany is going to be paying billions of dollars for energy into Russia.

“And I’m saying: What’s going on with that? How come Germany is paying vast amounts of money to Russia when they hook up a pipeline? That’s not right,” Mr.Trump said.

3…………> Bloods Roundup: NC

Three high-ranking leaders of the Nine Trey Gangsters set of the United Blood Nation (UBN or Bloods) street gang, identified as Pedro Gutierrez, aka Magoo/Light/Inferno, 45; James Baxton, aka Frank White, 44; and Cynthia Gilmore, aka Cynthia Young/Lady Bynt, 42, Raleigh, North Carolina, were convicted by a federal jury sitting in Charlotte following a two-week trial.


“This guilty verdict represents a significant blow against the highest leadership of the Nine Trey Gangsters and the United Blood Nation,” said Acting Assistant Attorney General Cronan. “It reflects the sustained and extensive commitment by federal, state and local law enforcement, including the Criminal Division’s Organized Crime and Gang Section, to disrupt and dismantle this and other prison and street gangs throughout the country.”

“UBN uses violence and intimidation to assert power over our neighborhoods and vicious tactics to bolster the image of an indestructible gang,” said U.S. Attorney Murray. “Today’s convictions of three high-ranking leaders delivered a blow to that myth, proving that UBN gangsters are no different than other common criminals – they can and will be found and prosecuted for their crimes. As we continue our efforts to curb gang violence and devastate gang networks in Western North Carolina, we have a message for the UBN and all other criminal organizations: We are coming for you. Person by person, set by set, clique by clique, and leader. You are in our sights. Your gang will be dismantled and you will be held accountable.”




4…………> Cyber Terrorist: MN

A New Mexico man named John Kelsey was sentenced in St. Paul, Minnesota, for directing computer attacks against the websites of his prior employers, business competitors and public services, and felon-in-possession of a firearm charge to serve 180 months in prison. Restitution to the victims of his computer attacks will be determined at a later date. Gammell pleaded guilty on Jan. 17, to one count of conspiracy to cause intentional damage to a protected computer and two counts of being a felon-in-possession of a firearm.

According to admissions made in connection with his plea, from at least in or about July 2015 through in or about March 2017, Gammell engaged in a campaign of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks on websites throughout the United States. A DDoS attack is a malicious attempt to disable or interrupt service to a computer or website, usually by causing large amounts of Internet traffic to be directed to the computer or website. Gammell directed DDoS attacks at a number of victims’ websites, including websites operated by companies he used to work for, companies that declined to hire him, competitors of his business, and websites for law enforcement agencies and courts, among others.




5…………> Trump Property Shooting: A Gunman


Miami-Dade Police Director Juan Perez said that a gunman who traded shots with police at Trump National Doral Golf Club near Miami appeared to have been trying to lure officers into an ambush by firing shots at chandeliers on the hotel lobby ceiling. The 42-year-old local man turned gunman was also reported to have pointed the gun at people in the hotel building.

“We don’t know what his intentions were – his long-term intentions – but we know what he was trying to do,” Perez said, adding that, while the suspect “did succeed” in drawing police in, “he did lose.”

The suspect “began to yell out anti-Trump, President Trump, rhetoric,” Perez said. “The exact words I don’t know, but that’s what we know so far.”

“These officers did not hesitate one second to engage this individual that was actively shooting in the lobby of the hotel,” the police director added. “They risked their lives knowing that they had to get in there to save lives in that hotel.”


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