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Bibi1581 Blog For 02/04/2018: Morning Edition

1…………> Back To Drawing Board: Shutdown

Following U.S. Congress fiasco following the collapse of the deal on the 700,000 “DACA Dreamer” immigrants caused by the treachery of Democratic Senate minority leader Charles “I cried tears for the Muslims” Schumer,  President Donald Trump indicated that  a resolution “could very well not happen” by a deadline next month.

“We want to make a deal. I think they want to use it for political purposes for elections. I really am not happy with the way it’s going from the standpoint of the Democrats,” Trump said at an event in Virginia with U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials, not missing the opportunity to blame the Democratic lawmakers for the failure to reach an agreement.

 GOP are trying to answer Democrats’ bluff on DACA, but the Democrats look even more willing to allow a shutdown than they were last month. 

“What this has become is a very absurd game of chicken,” analysts said



2…………> US Not Alone: Israel Deportations

Despite the fact Israel erected barriers along its border with Egypt, 60,000 migrants managed to slip into the country, out of which 20,000 were sent back. The others were locked up in Holots large detention center in Israel’s remote southern desert, and now authorities have started notifying African asylum seekers that they have two months to leave, an action that have outraged liberal Israelis and international rights groups. 

The “Go Back Carrot” letter is offering a plane ticket and $3,500 (€2,800) to some 15,000 to 20,000 African migrants, mostly single men from Eritrea and Sudan.

They were told to leave had until late March or face jail and eventual forced deportation.



3………..> “Fake News” Pocahontas: Natives

A Cherokee woman criticized Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) for refusing to back down on her claim of Cherokee ancestry, and using it to secure a Harvard University minority female faculty membership, applying for the job as a Native American.

“As a mixed Native woman, I get to relive the stereotypes that Warren perpetuates every day. I’m not ‘part-Cherokee’, I am Cherokee. [We’re] not bit fractions of imagined Indians that used to exist. [Warren should] take responsibility for her false claim. I call her Pocahontas, and that’s an insult to Pocahontas. She’s a hopeless case.” Rebecca Nagle of Oklahoma told Fox News Jesse Watters.



4…………> Snowy In “Snowland”:Moscow

Heavy wet snow and strong wind have hit Moscow for the second day in a row, resulting in damage to power lines and trees, creating hazardous driving conditions, delaying of dozens of flights, as well as casualties with Mayor Sergei Sobyanin reporting that one person was killed and several others were injured after a tree fell and electric power lines were damaged due to the natural disaster.

“According to the preliminary data, five people have already been injured. Be careful, forecasts say the weather will worsen,” Sobyanin wrote on Twitter.



5…………> Breaking: Amtrak Train Mishap

An Amtrak train has collided with a CSX supply train in South Carolina en route from New York to Miami, killing at least two and injuring 70 other people due to the accident.

Amtrak reported that number of killed and injured was a part of the 139 passengers and 8 crew members, with no immediate information on their exact number.

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