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George Sorbane Quotes:

1. “Every disorder is the beginning of new and higher order.”


Today’s White House Tweets

Donald J. Trump




….healthcare (Obamacare) to stay in place, when it would have been replaced by something far better, shows how incredibly important our upcoming 2020 Election is. I have long heard that the appointment of Supreme Court Justices is a President’s most important decision. SO TRUE!




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Donald J. Trump




Recent “strained” decisions by the United States Supreme Court, some so simple as allowing the question, “Are you a citizen of the United States” on our very expensive Census Report, or the even more strained decisions (2) allowing the world’s most expensive & pathetic……




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2…………> Telemedicine Scam: New York


A New York anesthesiologist identified as Anna Steiner, also known as “Hanna Wasielewska,” 63, of Valatie, New York, arraigned today on an indictment charging her for her role in an alleged telemedicine conspiracy to submit fraudulent claims to Medicare, Medicare Part D plans and private insurance plans.

As alleged in the indictment, however, Steiner and other providers signed prescriptions and order forms for DME and drugs that were not medically necessary and that were induced by kickbacks, and provided for beneficiaries whom Steiner and others had not examined and evaluated.

According to the indictment, starting in approximately January 2015, Steiner participated in a health care fraud scheme in which she and others ordered and prescribed durable medical equipment (DME) and prescription drugs in connection with purported telemedicine services.

Steiner, together with others, allegedly submitted or caused the submission of more than $7 million in claims to Medicare for DME on behalf of more than 3,000 beneficiaries; Medicare paid more than $3 million on those claims.



3…………> Substance Abuse & Money Laundering: Multi-Million Conspiracy


The owner of a Jacksonville, Florida-area substance abuse treatment center identified as Kyle Ryan Marcotte, 36, of Jacksonville Beach, Florida, pleaded guilty today for his role in a $57 million money laundering conspiracy associated with a pass-through billing scheme involving laboratory testing services, and as part of his guilty plea, agreed to a forfeiture judgment of $10,220,281.42.

According to admissions made as part of his guilty plea, Marcotte was the owner of a substance abuse treatment facility in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.  In approximately 2015, Marcotte entered into an arrangement with a laboratory owner to send urine samples for the facility’s patients to the owner’s lab for urine drug testing (UDT), in exchange for receiving 40 percent of the insurance reimbursements.  The lab owner, in turn, arranged with the managers of Campbellton–Graceville Hospital (CGH) and Regional General Hospital Williston (RGH), rural hospitals in Florida, to have the testing billed to private insurers through CGH and RGH and reimbursed at favorable rates under the hospitals’ in-network contracts with insurers.  Marcotte also admitted that he brokered deals with other substance abuse treatment centers to have their UDTs billed through CGH and RGH in exchange for Marcotte receiving 10 percent of the insurance reimbursements, while the other substance abuse facilities would receive 30 percent of the insurance reimbursements.



4…………> Disrespectful To Ayatolin May & Islamic Sheikdom Of UK: Trump’s Accusers


The Twitter war is in full swing, as street to street fire fights have erupted, when the Foreign Secretary of the Islamic Sheikdom of UK Ayatolah Jeremy Hunt attacked President Trump for been “disrespectful” towards the former prime minister Theresa May.

His comments come after President Trump called Sir Kim Darroch, the UK ambassador to the US, “a very stupid guy” amid a row over leaked emails, criticizing Ayatolin Theresa May over Brexit, saying she had ignored his advice and gone her “own foolish way”.

The ambassador had called the Trump administration “clumsy and inept”, and the  Trade Secretary Liam Fox’s scheduled meeting with the US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross in the US was cancelled, in another whiff of ice cold air blowing from Washington, D.C.

Jeremy Hunt


1/2 @realDonaldTrump friends speak frankly so I will: these comments are disrespectful and wrong to our Prime Minister and my country. Your diplomats give their private opinions to @SecPompeo and so do ours! You said the UK/US alliance was the greatest in history and I agree… …

Donald J. Trump


Replying to @realDonaldTrump

…handled. I told @theresa_may how to do that deal, but she went her own foolish way-was unable to get it done. A disaster! I don’t know the Ambassador but have been told he is a pompous fool. Tell him the USA now has the best Economy & Military  anywhere in the World, by far…


9:14 AM – Jul 9, 2019

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5…………> We Are Arm Length From You: Israel To Iran


After Iranian MP Zolnour warned last week on Tehran-based Arabic language news TV network al-Alam that if the US attacks Iran, “only half an hour will remain of Israel’s lifespan”, Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu warned Iran that it is within range of Israeli warplanes:

“Iran recently has been threatening Israel’s destruction. It should remember that these planes can reach anywhere in the Middle East, including Iran, and certainly Syria”, Netanyahu said .“Our planes can reach any area in the Middle East, including both Iran and Syria”, the tweet reads.

Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz said that the Jewish state is preparing for its possible military involvement in the event of an escalation in the political standoff between Iran and the US, due to “mistaken calculations by the [Iranian] regime” that he claimed may bring about a “military conflagration” in the Middle East region.

“We must be prepared for this, and thus the State of Israel continues to devote itself to building up its military might for the event that it will have to respond to escalation scenarios”, Katz declared.



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Bibi1581 Blog For 02/04/2018: Morning Edition

1…………> Back To Drawing Board: Shutdown

Following U.S. Congress fiasco following the collapse of the deal on the 700,000 “DACA Dreamer” immigrants caused by the treachery of Democratic Senate minority leader Charles “I cried tears for the Muslims” Schumer,  President Donald Trump indicated that  a resolution “could very well not happen” by a deadline next month.

“We want to make a deal. I think they want to use it for political purposes for elections. I really am not happy with the way it’s going from the standpoint of the Democrats,” Trump said at an event in Virginia with U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials, not missing the opportunity to blame the Democratic lawmakers for the failure to reach an agreement.

 GOP are trying to answer Democrats’ bluff on DACA, but the Democrats look even more willing to allow a shutdown than they were last month. 

“What this has become is a very absurd game of chicken,” analysts said



2…………> US Not Alone: Israel Deportations

Despite the fact Israel erected barriers along its border with Egypt, 60,000 migrants managed to slip into the country, out of which 20,000 were sent back. The others were locked up in Holots large detention center in Israel’s remote southern desert, and now authorities have started notifying African asylum seekers that they have two months to leave, an action that have outraged liberal Israelis and international rights groups. 

The “Go Back Carrot” letter is offering a plane ticket and $3,500 (€2,800) to some 15,000 to 20,000 African migrants, mostly single men from Eritrea and Sudan.

They were told to leave had until late March or face jail and eventual forced deportation.



3………..> “Fake News” Pocahontas: Natives

A Cherokee woman criticized Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) for refusing to back down on her claim of Cherokee ancestry, and using it to secure a Harvard University minority female faculty membership, applying for the job as a Native American.

“As a mixed Native woman, I get to relive the stereotypes that Warren perpetuates every day. I’m not ‘part-Cherokee’, I am Cherokee. [We’re] not bit fractions of imagined Indians that used to exist. [Warren should] take responsibility for her false claim. I call her Pocahontas, and that’s an insult to Pocahontas. She’s a hopeless case.” Rebecca Nagle of Oklahoma told Fox News Jesse Watters.



4…………> Snowy In “Snowland”:Moscow

Heavy wet snow and strong wind have hit Moscow for the second day in a row, resulting in damage to power lines and trees, creating hazardous driving conditions, delaying of dozens of flights, as well as casualties with Mayor Sergei Sobyanin reporting that one person was killed and several others were injured after a tree fell and electric power lines were damaged due to the natural disaster.

“According to the preliminary data, five people have already been injured. Be careful, forecasts say the weather will worsen,” Sobyanin wrote on Twitter.



5…………> Breaking: Amtrak Train Mishap

An Amtrak train has collided with a CSX supply train in South Carolina en route from New York to Miami, killing at least two and injuring 70 other people due to the accident.

Amtrak reported that number of killed and injured was a part of the 139 passengers and 8 crew members, with no immediate information on their exact number.

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Bibi1581 Blog For 12/18/2017: Morning Edition

1…………> Breaking: Amtrak Passenger Train Incident
A high-speed Amtrak passenger train has derailed near Tacoma in the state of Washington, KIRO TV reported.
While the authorities are yet to release a statement on the possible casualties in the accident, a major emergency response has been underway after the train fell off a bridge that runs above a major interstate.

2…………> Breaking: Attack on Mildenhall AFB
British police have arrested a man after responding to a “significant incident” at RAF Mildenhall located in Suffolk, England, as a man was taken attempted to break into the military base used by the U.S. Air Force by ramming a vehicle into a perimeter gate.
U.S. military personnel fired shots and “a man was taken into custody with cuts and bruises.
“No other people have been injured as a result of the incident,” according to police.

3…………> Fruitful Voyage: USS Thetis 

The Coast Guard Cutter Thetis returned to Key West following a 68-day Eastern Pacific counter drug patrol in support of Operation Martillo, seizing 6,755 kilograms of cocaine and 14 pounds of marijuana during eight separate interdictions that resulted in the apprehension of 24 suspected smugglers.
While on patrol, one of the cutter’s boats discovered a large sea turtle entangled in multiple bales of suspected contraband, observing large cuts from the lines on his neck and flippers. They went to work, carefully cutting the lines wrapped around the sea turtle and then eventually freeing him.
Three “Hip, Hip, Hooray” for the brave, concerned and humane US Coast Guard sailors.

4…………>Real X-Files: Cover Up

A story told by a distinguished Royal Navy pilot Cdr. David Fravor of Windham, New Hampshire, speaks of a mysterious 2004 encounter some 20,000 feet above Earth with a 40 feet long, cigar shaped UFO.
First reported by a US navy cruiser to be at 80,000 feet of elevation, Fravor sped his F-18 across to come closer to the object, which he thought not to be an earthly creation.

5…………> Trump’s Doctrine: US Security First

“There is an unprecedented focus on homeland security and on the border. They were never mentioned in nearly as much detail and emphasis as they are now. The economic piece also gets much more attention, the insistence that economic security is national security,” an administration official told reporters on condition of anonymity. 

President Donald Trump’s national security strategy will prioritize the U.S. border and economic interests, emphasize “preserving peace through strength”, and “advancing American influence”

President’s Doctrine will label Russia and China as “revisionist powers” for those seeking a change to the global order’s status quo, starting with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Georgia, and second with China’s buildup in the South China Sea using military means to move trends in their favor.”

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