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1…………>Today’s White House tweets


Donald J. Trump


45th President of the United States of America🇺🇸

Washington, March 2009

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Donald J. Trump’s Tweets

Donald J. Trump




NO COLLUSION, NO OBSTRUCTION. Besides, how can you have Obstruction when not only was there No Collusion (by Trump), but the bad actions were done by the “other” side? The greatest con-job in the history of American Politics!




Donald J. Trump




Why didn’t President Obama do something about Russia in September (before November Election) when told by the FBI? He did NOTHING, and had no intention of doing anything!





Donald J. Trump




Congress must change the Immigration Laws now, Dems won’t act. Wall is being built – 400 miles by end of next year. Mexico must stop the march to Border!





Donald J. Trump




“No President in history has endured such vicious personal attacks by political opponents. Still, the President’s record is unparalleled.”







2…………> Assange Get A Year In Jail: Will Deep State Follow?


Wikileaks founder Julian Assange was sentenced to 50 weeks’ jail for absconding while on bail, as Judge Deborah Taylor took into consideration “the seriousness of the failure to surrender, the level of culpability and the harm caused”, in a statement during sentencing remarks:

“You remained there for nearly seven years, exploiting your privileged position to flout the law and advertise internationally your disdain for the law of this country.”

Assange’s lawyer Mark Summers said that his client sought refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy because “he was living with overwhelming fear of being rendered to the US”, as the courtroom packed with journalists and WikiLeaks supporters listened to the discussion.


3…………> Elected Trump vs Un-elected Fed: Who’s The Boss?


The democratically elected President Trump has finally met eye to eye with his greatest enemy, that is Federal Reserve, the invisible, unelected, answerable to no one,  secret by act of Congress consortium of words banks and financiers, created as George Sorbane has said in his book, “The Endless Beginning”, to be the “Third Hand”, bypassing the elected three branches of US Government, in fact having the last word on where America is heading to.

The Fed has kept interest rates on hold despite pressure from President Donald Trump to announce a cut, with the central bank saying borrowing costs will remain at between 2.25%-2.5%.

Translation? While the House “Trump Haters” led by Nadler, Waters, AOC & Co are distracting the attention of the American public with threats of “Impeach 45”, the Fed has de-facto raised rates from nearly zero to 2.5 %, levying a National debt service payment increase on $22.5 trillion dollars of $562 billion, on a budget deficit of more than a trillion dollars.

Enjoy “Deep State”, Fake News & Co!!!


4…………> Berlin’s Silence: Assange To The Wolfs?


The German Left party stands by Assange, and its message is loud and clear.

“Our goal is to prevent Assange’s extradition to the United States,” said German Left party politician Sevim Dagdelen, who together with her colleagues Heike Hänsel and European Parliament representative Ana Miranda (of the environmentalist Greens), had planned to visit Assange at the Ecuadorian Embassy when the news of his arrest came.

Assange’s indictment indicates that the DOJ is currently trying to extradite him on charges of “Conspiracy to Commit Computer Intrusion” with former US Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning, and Dagdelen believes the six-page indictment against Assange could also set a “dangerous precedent” for journalists around the world, as even within European Union borders, they “could be extradited to the US and be criminalized due to their reporting.”


5…………> The World’s Arsenal Of Madness: Active Nukes


The United States has nearly 3,800 nuclear active warheads, with 1,300 deployed on ballistic missiles, 300 located at strategic bomber bases across the US, another 150 as tactical nukes at bases across Europe, 2,050 more held in reserve, and if the retired warheads are included, the total nuclear arsenal amounts is about 6,185 warheads stored across 24 locations in 11 US states, as well as five European countries.

Other members of the “World’s Bully Boys & Girls” club, naturally includes Russia 6,450 nuclear warheads, followed by the Islamic Sheikdom of France, China, Islamic May’sdom of UK, Pakistan, India, Israel and North Korea with estimated arsenals, with of 280, 215, 140-150, 130-140, 80 and 10-20 nukes.


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