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Bibi1581 Blog For 12/17/2017: Morning Edition

1…………> Attack On Church: Pakistan

At least eight people were killed and 44 injured, including women and children, when four heavily armed militants stormed a church with some 400 people  attending Sunday services in southwestern Pakistan city of Quetta, according to police reports.  
One of the assailants blew himself up at the entrance, another was shot dead and two escaped with security forces efforts underway to apprehend the fugitives.

2…………> “Erdogan Must Die”: Greek “Leftist” Plot

Nine far-left terrorist suspects planned to assassinate Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan during his visit to Greece earlier this month, with detailed plot including usage of rocket launchers, hand grenades, and Molotov cocktails along the motorcade route. 
According to Greek daily “To Vima” reports, the nine alleged members of Turkey’s far-left Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party-Front (DHKP-C)had planned the assassination, and are
 all in police custody.


3…………> “Good Man” Trump: Russians Warned

The “Russian Collusion” idiots, including some former cronies of our beloved 1st Muslim President, Grand Ayatollah Barack Obama jumped on the “Smear Campaign” wagon midweek when a news of a phone call initiated by Mr. Trump to Mr. Putin came to light. It turned out that information provided by the CIA helped Russian security services foil an attack on St. Petersburg Kazan cathedral, an attack that was planned by seven members of an Islamic State cell loaded with a significant amount of explosives and weapons ready to unleash terror to the holy and revered place this Saturday, according to FSB sources.


4………….> Black Market 101: “Uncle Un Needs Me”

It has been said that “The Whole World Hates Traitors,” and this story is no exception after the news of the Australian Federal Police charging a 59-year-old Sydney man for working as a black-market agent to sell missile components and coal for North Korea.
Chan Han Choi, a resident of 
Australia for more than 30 years was involved in transfer of missile components, including software for the guidance of ballistic missiles, as well as North Korean military expertise to international entities with the amount of money involved estimated in the “tens of millions of dollars” range.

5…………> “Down With Trump”: Indonesia

The Indonesia’s Mufti’s were apparently very unhappy with President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, that a call for a boycott of American products came out resulting in the largest protest against US on record.

An estimated 80,000 people in white tunics rallied in the capital of the world’s largest Muslim nation in the 10th straight day of protests, carrying signs reading “Indonesia unites for Palestine” and “Save our Palestine.” 

We should be happy that so far none of Mufti’s has issued a “Fatwa” against America and our elected President.


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