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Bibi1581 Blog For 06/15/2018: Morning Edition 

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1…………> Tariff Sledge Hammer: China

The U.S. will implement a 25% tariff on goods worth $50 billion from China that come “in light of China’s theft of intellectual property and technology and its other unfair trade practices”, a part of President Trump’s pressure campaign of impose tariffs, a move that escalates trade tensions between the world’s two largest economies.

The administration could impose additional tariffs if China engages in retaliatory measures, with U.S. stock market opening with heavy losses, down more than 200 points, or 0.8%.

2…………> Hit On Taliban: Drone Strike

A notorious leader of the Pakistani Taliban, Mullah Fazlullah, has been killed in a U.S. drone strike in the Afghan province of Kunar, officials and local media confirmed on Friday.

Hailing from Pakistan’s Swat district, the Tehrek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) leader is believed to have been operating from his hideouts in the forests of eastern Afghanistan since 2009.

Mohammad Radmanesh, the deputy Defense Ministry spokesman in Kabul, told Anadolu Agency that Fazlullah — wanted under the U.S. State Department’s Rewards for Justice since this March — was killed in a drone strike carried out two days ago.

In a statement released by the TTP, the group acknowledged its leader had been killed. The terrorist group accused Afghan intelligence service NDS – long suspected by Pakistan of harbouring Fazlullah – of providing information for the U.S. hit.

Lt. Col. Martin O’Donnell, U.S. Forces-Afghanistan spokesman, also confirmed the strike, telling local TOLO news: “U.S. forces conducted a counterterrorism strike, June 13, in Kunar province, close to the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan, which targeted a senior leader of a designated terrorist organization.” 


3…………> Inspecting The Fleet: Mr.Xi

China’s President Xi Jinping,  general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission (CMC), made the call during an inspection to the navy under the Northern Theater Command of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, a part of his implementation of the “new Party socialism” thinking on strengthening the military for the new era, enhancement of the political loyalty of the armed forces, strengthening them through reform and technology, and running them in accordance with law. 

Xi also spoke of the need for the navy to meet the requirements of transformation.


4…………> Hitler’s Obsession: Grandiose Operas

Someone said years ago that Richard Wagner is the “Father of Nazi Germany”, and a new exhibition shows how the Nazis used opera as a powerful tool of propaganda, especially during the Nuremberg Rallies, with Hitler being personally involved in the staging of some epic Wagner productions.

Adolf Hitler, a dark Austrian house painter with a tooth-brush “Charlie Chaplin” mustache, became the exponent of the super-race of blond, blue-eyed goons who would guide his 1000 year Reich into immortality by labeling Nuremberg the “City of the Nazi Party Rallies” in 1933,  providing the backdrop for his epic, annually staged million men hypnotic gatherings, a prelude to madness that will claim more than 50 million lives.

But for both Hitler and Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels — who oversaw the censoring and distribution of film, music, theatre and the visual arts in the Third Reich — German music, and especially opera, would lend vital propagandistic impact to these mass Nazi military gatherings.

5…………> One Against The Wind: “Deep State” Cronies

Ex-CIA and ex-NSA chief Michael Vincent Hayden, a brilliant man fluent in Russian who described Mr.Trump as “poleznii durak”, or “useful fool”,  has written nothing short of a manifesto, calling upon his former colleagues,  many of whom are on record of lying to Congress and on National TV, including John Brennan, James Clapper, Jim Comey and Robert Mueller, to oppose US President Donald Trump, according to Israeli political analyst Avigdor Eskin.

“We in the intelligence world have dealt with obstinate and argumentative presidents through the years,” Hayden wrote in his op-ed for The New York Times. “But we have never served a president for whom ground truth really doesn’t matter.” 

Admiral Hayden also hinted that the US president is up in arms about the American intelligence community: “[Trump] humiliated the attorney general, undercut his national security adviser and engaged in personal vendettas against senior FBI officials.” 

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Bibi1581 Blog For 4/14/2018: Evening Edition

1…………> Liar & A Cheat: Comey

In his unique and spectacularly descriptive language President Trump attacked former FBI director James Comey as a “weak and untruthful slimeball”, and his media interviews before the release of his book, “A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies and Leadership”, that according to “Fake News” media sources paints a deeply unflattering picture of the President.

The tweets below describe the feelings of Mr. Trump towards his former employee:

Donald J. Trump


James Comey is a proven LEAKER & LIAR. Virtually everyone in Washington thought he should be fired for the terrible job he did-until he was, in fact, fired. He leaked CLASSIFIED information, for which he should be prosecuted. He lied to Congress under OATH. He is a weak and…..

5:01 AM – Apr 13, 2018

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Donald J. Trump


….untruthful slimeball who was, as time has proven, a terrible Director of the FBI. His handling of the Crooked Hillary Clinton case, and the events surrounding it will go down as one of the worst “botch jobs” of history. It was my great honor to fire James Comey!

5:17 AM – Apr 13, 2018

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2…………> Milos Forman

Czech filmmaker Milos Forman, an orphan of Holocaust victims, abandoned his homeland after communist troops invaded in 1968 and crushed a brief period of political and artistic freedom known as the Prague Spring, arriving in America in the 60s on his way to cinematic immortality, with the movies “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” and “Amadeus” that won him numerous Academy Awards, including best director Oscar.

Forman died at about 2:00 am at Danbury Hospital, near his home in Warren, Connecticut. He was 86.



3…………> Air Attack On Syria: Fact Or Fiction

A frank discussion of the New World’s Disorder cruise missile strikes against the Assad regime, and whether or not will force the production of CW(Chemical Warfare” weapons, or is it just a prelude for further confrontations in the Middle East.

Syria air strikes: Will they work?


4………….> Communist “Founding Father”: Karl Marx


Karl-Marx-Haus Trier


Zur Stunde wird die kontrovers diskutierte Marx-Statue in Trier aufgestellt. Enthüllt wird sie allerdings erst am 5. Mai.

Translation: At the moment, the controversially discussed Marx statue is set up in Trier. However, it will not be revealed until 5 May.
2:56 AM – Apr 13, 2018 

An over 2 tons of statue of world’s communism “founding father” Karl Marx has been erected in the revolutionary philosopher’s hometown of Trier in western Germany, a gift from China, created by
 Chinese artist Wu Weishan,  a decision that has exploded in controversy.

Karl Marx, who together with Frederick Engels became one of the fathers of socialist thought, authored the “Communist Manifesto” in 1848 and later “Das Kapital” (Capital), both of which had a significant impact on the politics and conflicts of the 20th century, leading to the creation of the Soviet Union and Block, a beginning of a wave of the “Red Terror” blamed by many for the death of nearly 50 million people worldwide in the bloody hands of the Communist Secret police.



5…………> A Message Of Peace


Turn of the channel on people who have offended and demeaned the teachings of our beloved Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, also known as Rabbi Emmanuel. Walk away, let them dry on the scorching sun. Listen to the sound of Christus Vincit, a message of peace and hope. 

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