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Bibi1581 Blog For 02/11/2018: Evening Edition

1…………>Applied Global Warming: Brisbane

At the height of a vicious storm in Brisbane severe storms left 130,000 south-east homes in darkness on Sunday night, with more than 500 power lines brought down in high winds and 265,000 lightning strikes recorded.

More than 45,000 homes are still without power and Logan City remains the worst affected with more than 36,000 households and businesses still impacted.  

“They are hit and miss … we saw some more widespread storms yesterday and today we’re still expecting a number of storms about,” Bureau of Meteorology senior forecaster Michael Paech said.,-hot-weather-forecast-for-brisbane/9421592


2…………> Trump’s Bunkers: A Nuke War

Should US be attacked in a nuclear war, the commander-in-chief President Donald Trump would be hurriedly led to a secure location, one being located under the White House, in a fortified bunker built in the 1950s, and yet another located away in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

Mr. Trump also has a low technology bunker at his Florida estate, Mar-a-Lago, and one originally used to store bombs at his golf course in West Palm Beach (it’s under the second hole, according to Esquire).


3…………> Market Report 02/09/2018, sell stop 24,050, CG(5192), 11/22/17

Short position closed at 24912, triggering cover short stop at 24500 with indicated gain of 1900 DIA points upon closing short position. Long DIA position was established at 24500 with a stop at 24600 was closed for a gain of 312 points. New short position was re-established at 24550 with cover short stop at 24600 for a loss of 50 points, later indexed down at closing to 24000 for a paper gain of 550 points. A market reversal triggered cover short position close at 24000 for a zero gain, new position long at 24,000, sell stop at 24050 for a gain of 50 DIA points.

Stock market old timers have said that “you buy the rumor, and sell the news”, and that is exactly what is happening right now, with Democrats screaming murder as a close look at the new FISA memos that are suggesting an incredible Constitutional crisis brewing, a crisis that may reach the very leaders of the “opposition party”. DIA resistance is in the 27,000 area, with supports at 24135, 21354 and 18900 level, US dollar in down trend, resistance at 1.003319 CHF, support at .92 and 0.9: Gold in uptrend, watch break resistance of 1377 to be taken soon. The massive Fed balance sheet contraction will result in a $600 billion dollars being dumped on the credit markets each quarter, a leftover of the horrendous $4.3 trillion money printing of Obama’s septic tank that will surely exert a severe pressure on stocks and financial assets.


We warned long ago that an organized attempt to remove President Trump from office is underway, and if this activity is not curtailed soon, market will open on gap below 20,000 with next stop 17300 and 11800 support levels.

Stocks were up 330 to 24191, DJ futures at +133.

Gold up to 1325.2 and USD/CHF up to 0.9382 due to intervention crosscurrents. Translation? As the dollar goes down, we have to wait and see if the new Fed Chair Jerome Powell will continue pressuring gold and the Eurasian block with it down below $1000/oz in an economic WW3. Watch sell stop at 24,050. We have to wait and see if new Fed chair Powell will attempts to destroy Eurasian block by sending gold prices below 1000, despite the fact both Russia and China have been buying their whole gold production in local gold backed currency instead of money printing machines. In other words, US has lost controls of the precious metals complex, and with Trump’s infrastructure and tax cut campaign the National debt will soon be at, or over 30 trillion dollars, since D.C. swamp alligators have no intention dropping their pet projects. Read “Ziban Must Die” for more details on the coming collision of Trump’s administration with “Deep State” operators funded by the billionaires supporters of the New World Disorder.


4…………..> Watch Soros Hands: Nigel Farage

“[Mr.Soros] doesn’t believe in what he calls “nationalism” [or] what I call “nation-state democracy. We all need to wake up to who George Soros is and how big his [Open Society Foundations] organization is, in an era when much of the media is obsessing about Russia collusion, [an] investigation is needed into exactly what Open Society has done,” that is how former United Kingdom Independence Party Leader Nigel Farage  described billionaire George Soros meddling into Western Countries debate for open borders and “mass migration” in order to “get rid of the nation-state.”


5…………> No Chain Migration: Trump

The Trump White House released its legislative framework for immigration reform seeks to eviscerate visa quotas for “family reunification,” using which parents and siblings of US citizens can migrate to the US (disparagingly termed “chain migration”) and completely eliminate the Diversity Visa Lottery.

The consequence of this newly created policy for current US citizens who have family members (parents and siblings) whom they would like to sponsor for an immigrant visa are extremely dangerous. If the White House proposal is followed, they will no longer be able to do so for anyone except spouses and children under 18.