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Bibi1581 Blog For 01/09/2018: Morning Edition

1…………> The Eyes Of Gideon: Iran

“Israel is monitoring the situation in Iran very closely. We have eyes, ears and even more inside Iran, [but] was not likely to topple the regime at present. I would be very happy to see a social revolution in Iran. That’s something that could perhaps happen in the future,” said Mossad Chief Yossi Cohen regarding the protests over rising inflation, unemployment, and perceived government mismanagement that have led to more than 20 people killed and 1,000  detained by the Ayatollahs.




2…………> Daesh Attacked: Afghanistan

In a revenge crackdown on Daesh militants suicide attack at a Tehran-backed cultural center that killed 50 people in capital Kabul, and another one during funeral prayers in Jalalabad with 15 victims, Afghan security forces shot dead 22 militants and injured another 30, while losing five police officers in a firefight at a security checkpoint in Sokai district of mountainous Kunar province.


3…………> Buy A Nigerian Slave: $35

According to a report by relief body National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA),  at least 20 Nigerians were sold into slavery for $735 in Libya, another example of blatant and inhumane treatment of prisoners in addition of the nearly 2,800 Nigerians that are still living in Libyan detention facilities under “inhuman conditions”.

A camp official said some returnees spoke of being forced to drink water from the toilet,


4………..> Applied Global Warming: Sahara In White

With temperatures touching 1 degree Celsius, residents in the Algerian town of Ain Sefra — known as the gateway to the Sahara — enjoyed sliding down the dunes before almost a foot of snowfall melted away by the afternoon.

“People were very happy, children played in the snow and everyone was taking photos,” l
ocal residents said they were surprised when they awoke to the unusual scene.
“This is the only place in Algeria that gathers four contrasting paintings. The city is topped by dunes, followed by the forest and then the mountains,” he continued.


5…………> 2+2=11: 51 Qubit Computer

A team of Harvard scientists led by Russian-born and educated physicist, , Russian Quantum Center co-founder and Harvard quantum optics professor Dr. Mikhail Lukin, created the world’s first 51 qubit quantum computer.

What is qubit? Our ancient computers use binary numbers like (0001) and (0110) or one of two states of (1 or 0) to store information, while quantum computers operate on quantum bits or ‘qubits, using states of atoms like angular momentum, spin and other attributes to allow machines to hold exponentially more information. 
Is the the end of one of most hated departments in the University, the Math Department that is? Probably not, but it will be a force to visibly exacerbate the computer induced deflation that is spreading around the world, meaning one thing for sure: more and more unemployment, even for the well educated ones.