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Bibi1581 Blog For 07/22/2018: Morning Edition

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1…………> Law Of The Jungle: Trump’s Tariffs


A trade war is now a reality, French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire has warned as G20 ministers gather for a summit in Argentina, describing the current US trade policy of imposing unilateral tariffs is based on “the law of the jungle”, contradicting US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin who defended the tariffs and urged the EU and China to open their markets to allow free competition.

“World trade cannot base itself on the law of the jungle and the unilateral increase of tariffs is the law of the jungle,” Mr. Le Maire told AFP news agency.

“The law of the jungle, the law of the fittest, this cannot be the future of global trade relations.

“The law of the jungle will only turn out losers, it will weaken growth, threaten the most fragile countries and have disastrous political consequences,” Mr. Le Maire said.





2…………> Trader Joe Barricade: LA Fatality


Los Angeles police have arrested a suspect who earlier barricaded himself in a shop with about 40 people inside.

“We have successfully taken the suspect into custody without incident,” the LAPD tweeted.

People were earlier seen running from the Trader Joe’s supermarket. There was one fatality, police said.



UPDATE: Earlier today, officers went in pursuit of a suspect wanted in connection to a shooting. At the termination of the pursuit, an officer-involved-shooting occurred, and the suspect has barricaded himself inside a #TraderJoes in #Silverlake. …

5:45 PM – Jul 21, 2018




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3…………> LA Movie Theater: A Bygone Era


Silent witnesses of a bygone era, LA Million Dollar, State, United Artists, Orpheum  and many other theaters  rose to fame during the golden era of Hollywood, incorporating a lavish architecture, rich tapestry and the best acoustics of the time when the world was connected only by the voice of a radio from distant places across oceans and continents.

Left behind by the exponential explosion of computer technology, they make us wonder if our world one day may also become redundant, useless and boring, a victim of yet another toy of the human mind in search of the ways of the creator.






4…………> Genetic Diseases Detection: Israel


A new discovery by Israeli researchers about the inner structure of cells will likely help detect genetic diseases, according to a study of the Weizmann Institute of Science that has discovered that the organelles structures inside the living cells are connected by tiny strips, not separated from each other as previously thought.

The discovery can significantly contribute to detecting the causes of serious genetic diseases and pave the way for finding appropriate treatments, said the report.




5…………> Bubbling War: Iran vs Kurds


At least 10 members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard’s Basij forces were killed overnight in an attack on a military post along the Iraqi border, the latest deadly clash in a region where armed Kurdish groups seeking an independent Kurdistan are active.

“The attack by the evil rebels and terrorists against a revolutionary border post and the explosion of a munitions depot caused the martyrdom of 10 fighters,” the Guard’s ground forces division said in a statement.

The statement added that several attackers were also killed and vowed: “merciless vengeance” on those that remained.


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