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George Sorbane Quotes:
1. “Every disorder is the beginning of new and higher order.”

1…………> Today’s White House Tweets


Donald J. Trump


· 3h

I would like to thank the President of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, and his foreign minister, Marcelo Ebrard, together with all of the many representatives of both the United States and Mexico, for working so long and hard to get our agreement on immigration completed!

7.6K 14.8K 64.7K

Donald J. Trump


· 4h

Everyone very excited about the new deal with Mexico!

10.1K 11.5K 62.5K

Donald J. Trump


· 4h

Nervous Nancy Pelosi & the Democrat House are getting nothing done. Perhaps they could lead the way with the USMCA, the spectacular & very popular new Trade Deal that replaces NAFTA, the worst Trade Deal in the history of the U.S.A. Great for our Farmers, Manufacturers & Unions!

7.2K 11.8K 44.1K

Donald J. Trump


· 5h


2…………> Muslim Slavery: Virginia Woman


An indictment was unsealed today in federal court following the arrests of Zahida Aman, 77, Mohammed Naumann Chaudhri, 51, and Mohammed Rehan Chaudhri, 45, all of Midlothian, Virginia Assistant Attorney General Eric Dreiband of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, US Attorney G. Zachary Terwilliger Eastern District of Virginia and David W. The indictment charges the defendants with conspiracy, forced labor, and document servitude.

The indictment further alleges that the defendants subjected the victim to physical, psychological, and verbal abuse, withheld her food, restricted her communications with family and neighbors, confiscated her immigration and identification documents, limited her access to her own children, and threatened to separate her from her children, among other coercive means.

According to the allegations set forth in the indictment, between March 2002 and August 2014, the defendants conspired to force the victim, who had been married to Aman’s son, to provide labor and services at their Midlothian home, to include cleaning the house, painting the house, and mowing the lawn.



3…………> Environmental Bloomberg-ism: Absolutely No Farting


In his 2013 copyrighted book “The Endless Beginning” George Sorbane had a vision of tyrannical “One-World” government whereby the Planetary Commission would impose draconian restrictions on all gas emiting beings on this planet:
Alex was beginning to imagine what the name and background of the first Secretary of the Planetary Commission would be:

He clearly had to be an inclusive person, certainly not American, and more to the left than the right of the spectrum: Comrade Ibrahim Hon Shu Danielovich Brewster came in mind, a Chinese-born Muslim raised by his Jewish aunt and then adopted by the lesbian couple of Danielovich Brewster.

His first act would have certainly been to fit all cows, horses and seniors citizens with fart suppressors, and school curriculum be reduced to shopping, hanging out and smoking pot. Anyone caught studying Algebra was to get 20 lashes in the rear.

The idea was plagiarized by the former waitress/currently Democratic House representative superstar AOC in her “Green vision” revolution, and now Comrade Michael Bloomberg said that he will contribute $US500 million toward closing coal-fired power plants across the United States, the pledge beeing the largest philanthropic effort to combat climate change in history.

Translation: If God forbid MrTrump is not re-elected next year, and the “Trotsky Communists” and “Islamo-Fascists” wing of the Democratic party comes to power, anyone with carbons release issues better stack up on gas pills, or get ready to face fines or a miserable life in ” environmental re-education” gulags “

Mike Bloomberg


Building on the success of the Beyond Coal campaign, I’m committing $500 million to launch @BeyondCarbon the largest-ever coordinated campaign to tackle the climate crisis our country has ever seen.$us500-million-to-climate-change/11193712


4…………> The Tyranny Of The Silicon Barons: An IMF Warning


The Honorable IMF Chief Christine Lagarde said just a few firms with big data access, artificial intelligence technology and very deep pockets run the global payment and settlement arrangements, hence are threatening a significant disruption to the world’s financial system, a warning to the G20 finance ministers meeting in Japan.

“A significant disruption to the financial landscape is likely to come from the big tech firms,” Ms. Lagarde said in Japan’s south-western city of Fukuoka.
She said such firms “will use their enormous customer bases and deep pockets to offer financial products based on big data and artificial intelligence”.

Will Mr.Trump’s MAGA campaign succeed when a trillion dollars of capital, and complete data domination by left leaning Silicon Valley Barons like Pichai, Zukerberg & Co are pushing the world away from the time-tested supply & demand traditions of USA, and into the abyss of world robotic domination?

Is time for FCC Mr.Pai to awake from his mid-supper dreams, and start breaking-up those Internet monsters?


5…………> Monstrous Storm Hits France’s Coast: Casualties


Three members of a rescue boat crew and a fisherman have died after their vessels overturned in heavy seas off the west coast of the Islamic Sheikdom of France, after winds of 80 mi/hr kph left damage along the Atlantic coast and the storm reached Paris, with 28,000 homes in the west were without electricity on Saturday morning as a result of the storm. Train travel was also disrupted, and a man was injured by a lamp post which fell in Paris on Friday evening.


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George Sorbane Quotes:

1. “Every disorder is the beginning of new and higher order.”


1…………> Today’s White House Tweets

Donald J. Trump




Kevin Hassett, who has done such a great job for me and the Administration, will be leaving shortly. His very talented replacement will be named as soon as I get back to the U.S. I want to thank Kevin for all he has done – he is a true friend!




  1. unknown.jpg

Donald J. Trump




Hearing word that Russia, Syria and, to a lesser extent, Iran, are bombing the hell out of Idlib Province in Syria, and indiscriminately killing many innocent civilians. The World is watching this butchery. What is the purpose, what will it get you? STOP!




Donald J. Trump




Democrats can’t impeach a Republican President for crimes committed by Democrats. The facts are “pouring” in. The Greatest Witch Hunt in American History! Congress, go back to work and help us at the Border, with Drug Prices and on Infrastructure.





2…………> The Lead To Tiananmen Square: Video


A footage before the weeks leading up to the Tiananmen Square massacre shows scenes of joy and optimism on the streets of China that have not been seen since the Communist Party’s brutal killing of its own people 30 years ago, on the night of June 3, 1989, the People’s Liberation Army turned its guns on students and ordinary Chinese who had been calling for a democratic future for the country.

The cameras captured life in the student camps set up in the middle of the square and on the streets of Beijing where ordinary Chinese had also come out in force to support the student cause, as the Tiananmen became a city within a city, with students keeping order, protecting those who were taking part in hunger strikes in the square, and ushering ambulances through.

The Chinese government declared martial law, but those on the streets of Beijing never thought the People’s Liberation Army would turn on them.


3…………> Tiananmen Square Bloody Outrage: Party Official Defense


Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe says the state’s bloody crackdown on protesters around Beijing’s Tiananmen Square 30 years ago was the “correct policy” decision, citing the country’s “stability” since then, some 30 years after Beijing sent PLA soldiers to crush pro-democracy student protesters, calling the protests political “turbulence.

In recent years, Beijing has been infuriated by President Trump’s administration to increase support for self-ruled and democratic Taiwan, including US Navy sending warships through the Taiwan Strait that separates the island from mainland China.

Dan Wang, a prominent Tiananmen student leader who spent much of the 1990s in jail for his activism, told the ABC that he thought the Red Cross Society figures of more than 2,000 dead and 10,000 injured were more accurate.

Throughout the 30 years, China under the Communist Party has undergone many changes — do you think the government was wrong with the handling of June Fourth?

“There was a conclusion to that incident”, he said.

It is rare for Chinese government officials to acknowledge the events of June 4, 1989: official censors wipe references to the massacre routinely.


4…………> Trumps UK Visit:Polite, But Unwelcome By The Righteous Ones


President Trump will arrive in the Islamic May’sdom of UK on Monday morning for a three-day official state visit, with Air Force One is expected to land at London Stansted Airport at 09/00 BST.

Protests are planned across the UK during the visit – including rallies in London, Manchester, Belfast, Birmingham and Nottingham, as a rich assortment of liberals, globalists, open borders aficionados, and Muslims from the Islamic Mays’dom of UK and around the world will congregate to display an unified front against the “Devil Incarnate”; i.e. Trump, and wish him a safe trip home before he had even landed on the new jewel of the religion that would shortly fly the Green Banner of Prophet Mohamed at 10 Downing Street, London.

What the chaps in old EU cannot comprehend is that Trump is not the cause, but the dialectic contradiction of decades of treachery and abuse by “One World Order” liberals, a man freely elected by the American people to stop the charlatanry, corruption and relentless destruction of world’s only democracy that stands against the abyss of Planetary Commission master plan for global domination, suppression of Constitutions, human rights and religions.

The Queen will host a state banquet at Buckingham Palace on Monday evening for the president and the First Lady Melania Trump, and the president will be given a tour of Westminster Abbey, then will also meet Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall for tea at Clarence House.


5…………> Nigel Farage vs Sadiq Khan: Reason vs Hatred


UKIP leader Nigel Farage slammed board certified Islamo-Fascist, and London Mayor Sadiq Khan after he suggested the UK Government should not “roll the red carpet” out for President Trump, and comparing the language used by Mr.Trump to that of the “fascists of the 20th century”.

 Farage responded by saying that, unlike Khan who wants a second Brexit referendum, the American President “at least believes in democracy”, unlike Khan’s jihadist hoodlums who have extended a reign of terror in the Islamic May’sdom of UK.


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Bibi1581 Blog For 12/18/2017: Evening Edition

1…………> Straw Classrooms: Oaxaca, MX

The social development agency Coneval has reported that out of the 14,000 inhabitants of San Mateo del Mar, Oaxaca, Mexico, 89% live in poverty, and 40% are behind in education levels, a statistic that explains why the Emiliano Zapata primary school damaged in an earthquake September 7 was rebuilt by the parents of some 400 students that called it home.

Led by dedicated principal Juan Salomón Canales, citizens rebuild the school temporarily with straw, palm fronds and wood in the traditional way of the indigenous Ikojts people.
“The government promises many things but never delivers. We were told the school rooms were going to be rebuilt, but they’ve done nothing. [And] the children were unable to return to the school because the constant tremors continue to damage it,” Mr. Canales said.


2…………>California Burning: No End In Sight

The third largest fire in California history burned 269,000 acres and destroyed over 1,000 structures as it continued to expand across 10,000 acres late last week.
Cal Fire, the state’s fire emergency agency, estimated the Thomas Fire is only 40 percent contained after burning for nearly two weeks, and said it threatens an additional 18,000 structures. 

Coastal communities in Santa Barbara county has been so far spared from the inferno, but the Thomas Fire has shown no sign of relenting as strong winds continue to propel the blaze. The intense Santa Ana winds are expected to gust to 55 mph (88 kph) overnight, according to the National Weather Service.


3…………> Applied Global Warming: Philippines

At least 32 people were killed and 46 residents are missing in an island province in central Philippines after Typhoon Kai-tak brought heavy rains that triggered landslides, cutting power supplies in many areas, forcing the cancellation of several flights, stranding more than 15,000 people in various ports in the region and forcing nearly 88,000 people to seek shelter in evacuation centres.

Many areas were flooded, damaging crops and infrastructure, and President Rodrigo Duterte is expected to visit the worst-hit typhoon areas later in the day to assess the damage.



3…………> The “Yuk Factor”: Water Cremation

A crematorium in Britain hopes to be the first in the country to use a chemical unit called the Resomator which is filled with mixture of water heated to 125C and potassium hydroxide, allowed to dissolve the body in few hours and after collecting the residue remnants of the deceased, the rest of the water is flushed down the drains. Simple, ain’t it? But the proposals has ignited a storm of protests by environmentalists who argue that the residual water of dead bodies will then contaminate public purification plants thus placing the health of the general public in danger.



4…………> Market Report 12/18/2017, sell stop 24,600, CG(-60), 11/22/16

 Short position closed at 23560, for a loss of 60 DIA points, with a new position long 23560, sell stop 24600 for a spectacular gain of 1040 DIA points. 

A close look at the new budget indicates that states like California and New York who have been leading the fight to dethrone or impeach Trump may be in for a nasty surprise if the mortgage deduction is phased out, leaving millions of mansions above $500,000 with a hefty uptick in mortgage payment, a sure prelude to a crash.


We warned that it appears there is organized attempt to remove President Trump from office and if this activity is not curtailed soon, market will open on gap below 20,000 with next stop 17300 and 11800 support levels. 

Stocks were up 143 to 24792, DJ futures at +15.

Gold up to 1265 and USD/CHF down to 0.9859 due to tax bill passage.  Translation? As the dollar goes down, we have to wait and see if the new Fed Chair Jerome Powell will continue pressuring gold and the Eurasian block with it down below $1000/oz in an economic WW3. Watch sell stop at 24,600. The real shocker had been predicting for months, the relentless treachery of dedicated CFR, Soros Planetary Commission and KBI(Koch Bureau of Investigation) soldiers Paul “Granny Crusher” Ryan and Mitch “Harry’s Twin” McConnell became evident weeks ago when none of Trump’s grandiose projects were passed by the criminal consortium of Establishment GOP and Unified Party USA.We have to wait and see if new Fed chair Powell will attempts to destroy Eurasian block by sending gold prices below 1000, despite the fact both Russia and China have been buying their whole gold production in local gold backed currency instead of money printing machines. In other words, US has lost controls of the precious metals complex, and with Trump’s infrastructure and tax cut campaign the National debt will soon be at, or over 30 trillion dollars, since D.C. swamp alligators have no intention dropping their pet projects. Read “Ziban Must Die” for more details on the coming collision of Trump’s administration with “Deep State” operators funded by the billionaires supporters of the New World Disorder. 

5…………> Sexploitation: Queens

Sean Price, 39, a man from Queens, New York was convicted for enticing a 16-year-old girl from Australia to travel from abroad to engage in sexual activity.  After meeting her online, he encouraged her to join him in New York, Price wired the girl over $900 to purchase a plane ticket to fly to Los Angeles in late March of this year. The superseding indictment charged him with interstate and foreign enticement to engage in sexual activity, interstate and foreign transportation of a minor to engage in sexual activity, a Mann Act violation, and attempted sexual exploitation of a child.

“Price lured a teenage girl across the globe to satisfy his own sordid desires, taking advantage of her youth and preying on her vulnerability,” stated HSI Special Agent-in-Charge Angel Melendez.  “These cases are a harsh reminder of the importance of educating our young people on the dangers of sexual predators on the internet.  HSI New York’s Trafficking in Persons Unit maintains an unwavering commitment to investigate these crimes around the world, targeting and arresting predators who transport minors for sex.  And we continue to collaborate with our global partners, like the Australian Federal Police, while relying on local partnerships as with the NYPD.”

“The jury has held defendant Sean Price accountable for his predatory conduct, which included luring a teenage girl from her home in Australia across the world to the United States so that he could engage in an illicit sexual relationship with her,” stated Acting United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, Bridget M. Rohde.  “Today’s verdict should send a strong message that this Office, together with our law enforcement partners, will work tirelessly to identify those who would sexually exploit minors and prosecute those abusers to the fullest extent of the law.” 

When sentenced, Price faces up to life in prison.

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