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Nappy Happy Thanksgiving From Miss KotKot1581







1…………> Today’s White House Tweets: President Trump


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    Will be speaking with our great military in different parts of the world, through teleconference, at 9:00 A.M. Eastern. Then it will be off to see our Coast Guard patriots & to thank them for the great job they have been doing, especially with the hurricanes. Happy Thanksgiving!

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    ….and Safety at the Border, or anywhere else. They know nothing about it and are making our Country unsafe. Our great Law Enforcement professionals MUST BE ALLOWED TO DO THEIR JOB! If not there will be only bedlam, chaos, injury and death. We want the Constitution as written!

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    Justice Roberts can say what he wants, but the 9th Circuit is a complete & total disaster. It is out of control, has a horrible reputation, is overturned more than any Circuit in the Country, 79%, & is used to get an almost guaranteed result. Judges must not Legislate Security…

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    “It’s a mean & nasty world out there, the Middle East in particular. This is a long and historic commitment, & one that is absolutely vital to America’s national security.” I agree 100%. In addition, many Billions of Dollars of purchases made in U.S., big Jobs & Oil!


 2…………> Happy Thanksgiving: President Trump


President Trump’s Thanksgiving message to Americans It’s that time of year again, as many Americans travel far and wide to be with loved ones over the Thanksgiving holiday, Gathering in places of worship and around family dinner tables, it is a time to give appreciation to all that we’ve been blessed with.

“On Thanksgiving Day, we recall the courageous and inspiring journey of the Pilgrims who, nearly four centuries ago, ventured across the vast ocean to flee religious persecution and establish a home in the New World,” President Donald J. Trump wrote in his 2018 Thanksgiving Proclamation.

Facing dangerous conditions and uncertainty, the more than 100 Pilgrims arrived at Plymouth, Massachusetts, and “instilled in our Nation a strong faith in God that continues to be a beacon of hope to all Americans.”

In recognition of their journey, President George Washington issued the first Thanksgiving Proclamation on November 26, 1789.

But it was under President Abraham Lincoln that the day became a truly national celebration on the final Thursday of November each year.

“We give thanks for the family, friends, neighbors and loved ones who enrich our lives, lift our spirits, and fill our days with joy. And we give thanks to God, who continues to shed his almighty grace upon this magnificent land that we all love so very much,” President Trump said yesterday from the Rose Garden.

“We are truly blessed to be Americans.”




3…………> Thanksgiving Celebration: Then And Now


A look at one of the most sacred of America’s traditions as our republic sailed through the sands of time.




4…………> If Migrants Attack, Border To Close: Trump


“If we find that it gets to a level where we are going to lose control or where people are going to start getting hurt, we will close entry into the country for a period until we can get it under control,” President Trump said, speaking to reporters after a Thanksgiving phone call with members of the military.

“I mean the whole border. Mexico will not be able to sell their cars into the United States where they make so many cars at great benefit to them, not a great benefit to us, by the way,” he said, speaking from his Mar-a-Lago home on Thursday.

Trump also confirmed that he had given US troops the okay to use “lethal force” if necessary to deal with some of the “tremendously dangerous” people in the migrant caravan, despite that the border is “fortified” with fencing, walls and other measures to prevent the caravan from getting through.

“They’re not coming through. We’re not letting criminals into our country. You gotta come in legally; you have to come in through a process,” he said.

“We need workers, but they have to come in legally. We want them to come in, but they have to be people that want to work and want to do a great job for our country. They come in through a merit system,” he added, accusing the Democrats of wanting open borders.

The President warned that there could be another government shutdown in December if a bipartisan agreement on the border security issue was not found.

“It could happen over border security. The wall is just a part of border security, an essential part, probably the most important part,” he said.

Mr.Trump also complained about a federal appeals court in California after it blocked a presidential order on asylum, calling the court “a big thorn in our side.”

“It’s a terrible thing when judges take over your protective services when they tell you how to protect your border. It’s a disgrace,” he said. “Large numbers of people and in many cases we have no idea who they are. In many cases, they’re not good people. They’re bad people. But large numbers of people are forming at our border,” the president said.



5…………> GRU New Leader: Watch Out First


Deputy Head of the Russian General Staff’s Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) Vice-Admiral Igor Kostyukov is the GRU’s acting head, a source in the Defense Ministry told TASS as the previous department chief, Igor Korobov, died on November 21, 2018, at the age of 62 after a grave illness.

His predecessor General Igor Sergun passed away after a heart attack at the age of the 58, with rumors circulating that the real reason for his death was an operation in Lebanon.

“First Deputy Head of the Russian General Staff’s Main Intelligence Department Igor Kostyukov has been appointed as the Department’s acting head, the first naval officer in the GRU’s history to take the helm of military intelligence,” according to the Russian Defense Ministry.

GRU, one of the most feared Soviet Union intelligence agencies was created after the October Revolution of 1917 by Red Army Commissar Leon Trotsky on orders by Vladimir Lenin.



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Bibi1581 Blog For 02/21/2018: Morning Edition

1…………> One With God, Now Next To God: Billy Graham

Billy Graham, the famed evangelist of people poor and famous, beggars and Presidents, a man who became known as “America’s Pastor,” has died at the age of 99 from natural causes, according to a family spokesperson.

Billy was born in 1918 in Charlotte, North Carolina, raised on a dairy farm,
enrolled at Bob Jones College, then transferred to the Florida Bible Institute (now Trinity College of Florida) and joined a Southern Baptist Convention church, being ordained in 1939.




2…………> Tortured Artists: Europe

There was very little two famed Austrian artists, Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele, could have done to impress Vienna’s bourgeois crowd at the crossroads between of two momentous centuries, yet the two men shared a lifelong mutual friendship, despite their completely contradictory artistic visions, until the flu epidemic of 1918 claimed both their lives.

Schiele twisted depictions of the human body shocked and scandalized contemporary audiences, while more contemporary Klimt glorified the wine and sensualist splendor of the Vienna’s elite in gilded finery.



3…………> Mr.Xi Fleet: Maldives

A flotilla of eleven Chinese warships sailed into the East Indian Ocean this month, amid a constitutional crisis and state of emergency in the Maldives, a country that is in debt to China for aid and infrastructure work. 

A fleet of destroyers and frigates, a 30,000-tonne amphibious transport dock, and three support tankers entered the Indian Ocean, according to news portal




4…………> Our Way Of Life: Ocean Garbage

“This is so disturbing for the workers around here and of course for the tourists.
The issue is to actually to find where the trash is coming from,” Wayan Suadiana, from the Housekeeping Workers Association of Legian Hotels, says.

It’s garbage season in Bali, as an annual and worsening tide of trash swamps the beaches of the holiday island during the winter months, as thousands of tonnes of plastic debris are washed onto the island’s main tourist strip, polluting the sand and making the prospect of a swim less than appealing.



5…………> Russian Deaths: Syria

The deaths of Russian fighters in Syria on 7 February exposed the operations of a shadowy group of mercenaries there. Some reports speak of more than 100 Russians killed in one battle; officially it is “several dozen” Russians killed or wounded.

The BBC Russian Service has investigated how and where Russian guns for hire have been killed in Syria.

Last September, Nina Atyusheva, a pensioner in the small town of Severoonezhsk, received a phone call telling her that her son Yevgeny Alikov had died in Syria.

A week later a man arrived with a coffin and 5m roubles (£63,050; $90,000) in insurance money. He had driven 2,100km (1,305 miles) to Russia’s far north to return Nina’s “little boy”.

The man placed the money on the kitchen table in stacks of 5,000-rouble notes.

The BBC attempted to contact the man, but whoever answered the phone claimed to be someone else and said he knew nothing about Russian volunteers in Syria.

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