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Bibi1581 Blog For 05/16/2018: Evening Edition

1…………> Stalin Virus: Computer Gulag

A new virus called StalinLocker is capable of wiping out all the data stored on a person’s computer, according to spyware hunters who have stumbled across the dangerous new algorithm that employs Soviet imagery to strike fear into the hearts of PC owners

When activated, “StalinLocker” locks an infected computer and presents the owner with a notification featuring the portrait of Soviet leader Joseph Stalin; the owner is then given about 600 seconds to input the correct code or the program will wipe out all data stored on the computer.




2…………> Train Robberies: C’mon & Take A Chance

Train robberies soared by 476% between the first and last quarters of 2017, according to data gathered by Mexico’s Rail Transport Regulatory Agency (ARTF), with 125 robberies on country’s railroads but during the last three months, the figure spiked to 720.

In its latest railroad security report, the ARTF said there were 1,752 train robberies in 2017, with almost half the total occurring in just four states.

Veracruz recorded the highest number with 276, followed by Puebla with 230, Guanajuato with 196 and Querétaro with 122.

“It impacts the economy enormously and then a lot of the importers say: I don’t know if I want to do business in Mexico anymore,” María de Lourdes Aranda, the communications director for Ferromex and Ferrosur said.


3…………> Cancer Finder: On A Chip


A research team in Taiwan has developed a chip with nanoparticles that can detect proteins related to cancer in around half an hour by detecting proteins called tumor markers. However, the proteins cannot usually be detected until they are in a large concentration during the middle and later stages of cancer.

The new technology can detect tumor markers in the bloodstream of cancer patients when they are still in the early stages of the disease. Furthermore, cancer screening in general hospitals usually takes at least one day to test different bodily substances, while the chip requires just five microliters of blood or urine.

Developers are working to use similar technology to detect Alzheimer’s disease.


4…………> Samurai Terrorists: Sumatra

Police have shot and killed four samurai sword-wielding men during an attack on a police headquarters in Pekanbaru on Sumatra island, the third Islamist militant assault in Indonesia in the past week also left an officer dead and two wounded.

The incident also left an officer dead and two others wounded.

A fifth man, who drove the vehicle, was arrested trying to escape, while a manhunt has been launched for a sixth suspect.

Earlier, an internal police report said that one of the dead men may have had a bomb strapped to his body. 

Is Islamic State desperately trying to get into the terror game in the largest Muslim country in the world?



5…………> Market Report 05/16/2018, sell stop 24650, CG(9392), 11/22/17

After a sharp reversal following President Trump “mission accomplished” announcement in Syria, market opened on a gap, forcing short covering, triggering stop at 24050, leading to a loss of 50 points. 

Current position long 24100, sell stop 24450 closed for a gain of 350 DIA points, position short at 24450, cover short closed at 24250 for a gain of 200 DIA points. 

Current position long DIA at 24250, sell stop was closed at 24250 for a loss of 50 points, and a short position established at 24250, cover short 24200 for a gain of 50 DIA points. 

A cash dispersal to AAPL shareowners in the amount of $100 billion dollars sparked a rally, new position long at 24200, stop 24650 for a gain of 450 dollars.


Stock market old timers have said that “you buy the rumor, and sell the news”, and that is exactly what is happening right now, with the news that President Trump is about to start a metal tariff war, slapping 25% surcharge on steel and 10% on aluminum. DIA resistance is in the 27,000 area, with supports at 24135, 21354 and 18900 level, US dollar in a downtrend, resistance at 1.003319 CHF, support at .92 and 0.9: Gold in an uptrend, watch break resistance of 1377 to be taken soon. The massive Fed balance sheet contraction will result in a $600 billion dollars being dumped on the credit markets each quarter, a leftover of the horrendous $4.3 trillion money printing of Obama’s septic tank that will surely exert a severe pressure on stocks and financial assets.


We warned long ago that an organized attempt to remove President Trump from office is underway, and if this activity is not curtailed soon, the market will open on gap below 20,000 with next stop 17300 and 11800 support levels.

Stocks were up 63 to 24769, DJ futures +17, attempt to stage a covering short rally.

Gold down to 1290.6 and USD/CHF at 1.00 despite President Trump setting tariffs on Chinese products. Translation? As the dollar goes down, we have to wait and see if the new Fed Chair Jerome Powell will continue pressuring gold and the Eurasian block with it down below $1000/oz in an economic WW3. Watch sell stop at 24,650

We have to wait and see if new Fed chair Powell will attempt to destroy Eurasian block by sending gold prices below 1000, despite the fact both Russia and China have been buying their whole gold production in local gold backed currency instead of money printing machines. In other words, US has lost controls of the precious metals complex, and with Trump’s infrastructure and tax cut campaign the National debt will soon be at, or over 30 trillion dollars, since D.C. swamp alligators have no intention dropping their pet projects. Read “Ziban Must Die” for more details on the coming collision of Trump’s administration with “Deep State” operators funded by the billionaires’ supporters of the New World.

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