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Bibi1581 Blog For 05/17/2018: Morning Edition

1…………> Kilauea Erupts: Red Alert


Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano erupted on Thursday, sending ash 30,000 feet (9,144 meters) into the sky.

Authorities warned residents of Big Island to shelter in place.

A massive column of ash and steam that started erupting early in the morning, lasting for only a few minutes, Authorities said residents were safe so long as they stayed out of the surround Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

USGS Volcanoes



5 AM eye-opener at the Kīlauea Volcano summit. HVO and Park’s Staffs previously evacuated. An alone webcam in the HVO Tower shows the plume. 


9:11 AM – May 17, 2018

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2…………> “Money, Give Me A Lots Of Money”: Comrade Un


In a clear sign that the widely expected “miracle” of “The Art Of The Deal” Korean peninsula de-nuclearization” breakthrough by President Trump may have been grossly overstated,  DPRK chief negotiator accused the South Korean authorities of being incompetent and senseless, expressing his country angry at continuing US-South Korea “provocative” joint military exercises, and put in doubt the planned talks between President Trump and North Korean leader Comrade Un. 

Reading between the lines, the demand of economic guarantees in addition to political and military “give and take agreements” means that the US and its allies must be ready to put massive amounts of cash to revitalize and rebuild North Korea: i.e. pay another ransom like former Presidents did, in other words, this is yet a “shake-down” designed by ever cunning real master of the peninsula Mr.Xi to gain time, get rid of President Trump, and be paid handsomely along the way.






3…………> “Dark Net” Monster: Latvia

 A federal jury convicted a  Latvian man identified as  Ruslans Bondars, 37,  a non-citizen of the former USSR who had been hiding in Riga, Latvia, of three counts related to his operation of “Scan4you,” an online counter antivirus service that helped computer hackers to determine whether the computer viruses and other malicious software they created would be detected by antivirus software.        

He was convicted after a five-day jury trial of one count of conspiracy to violate the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud, and one count of computer intrusion with intent to cause damage and aiding and abetting.


“Ruslans Bondars helped hackers test and improve the malware they then used to inflict hundreds of millions of dollars in losses on American companies and consumers,” said Acting Assistant Attorney General Cronan.  

“Today’s verdict should serve as a warning to those who aid and abet criminal hackers: the Criminal Division and our law enforcement partners consider you to be just as culpable as the hackers whose crimes you enable—and we will work tirelessly to identify you, prosecute you, and seek stiff sentences that reflect the seriousness of your crimes.”



4…………> The Man With “Steel Smile”: Mr.Xi

Since last spring, Chinese authorities in the heavily Muslim region of Xinjiang have imprisoned tens, possibly hundreds of thousands of Muslim Chinese — and even foreign citizens — in mass internment camps.

US State Department estimates detainees “at the very least in the tens of thousands”, with detainees who most vigorously criticise the people and things they love are rewarded, and those who refuse are punished with solitary confinement, beatings, and food deprivation. 

This detention campaign has swept across Xinjiang in what a US commission on China last month said was “the largest mass incarceration of a minority population in the world today”.

The US State Department estimated those being held were “at the very least in the tens of thousands”.

A Turkey-based TV station run by Xinjiang exiles said almost 900,000 were detained, citing leaked government documents.




5…………> A House Of Horrors: CA Style

In yet another horror story coming to you courtesy of the “Hippie Communist State” of California, ten children rescued from a Solano County home were punched, kicked, strangled, shot with a BB gun and subjected to waterboarding by their father, as their mother did nothing to stop it, with torture being carried out “for sadistic purposes”.


The father, Jonathan Allen, 29, pleaded not guilty to nine counts of child abuse and seven counts of torture, and the children’s mother, Ina Rogers, 31, was charged with nine counts of child abuse. 

She also faces one count of child neglect involving all 10 children.