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Bibi1581 Blog For 01/03/2018: Morning Edition

1…………..> Applied Global Warming: Ireland

 Storm Eleanor brought its heavy rain and winds of up to 120 miles per hour to Ireland’s fourth largest city, Galway, as high tides and waves up to 20 feet high forced road closures and wreaked havoc for shop owners, while across

in France, the Eiffel Tower was closed and flights were delayed as the storm made its way east into continental Europe.

“We’re really hopeful, given that it’s the last week of a lot of people’s Christmas holidays, that we will have power back to pretty much everybody by tonight,” Derek Hynes, operations manager for ESB, told national broadcaster RTE.

Flights were delayed from Charles de Gaulle airport, north of the capital, and on one road scaffolding collapsed on parked cars.



2…………> Prof. Putin New Stethoscope: Yantar

The Russian navy’s new spy ship, the Yantar, officially an oceanographic research vessel, unofficially a spy ship loaded with surveillance equipment, and the mother ship for manned and unmanned deep-sea submersibles is now going to Argentina to help the search for a missing submarine.

The Yantar’s movements were apparently what prompted a warning last month from the UK military that Russia could disrupt or cut vital undersea communications cables.

The chief of the UK defence staff, Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach, said such a strike against internet and other communications cables could be “catastrophic”.



3…………..> Metalens: No Distortions

Scientists at the Harvard University have successfully developed a ground-breaking single metalens by using arrays of titanium dioxide nanofins to equally focus wavelengths of light and eliminate chromatic aberration can focus the entire visible spectrum of light in the same spot and in high resolution.

The related research is published in the latest version of the online journal Nature Nanotechnology.



4…………..> Retail Carnage: More Casualties

The retail “apocalypse” that has been unleashed by the relentless growth of online shopping claimed some of the holiday season’s biggest brands starting with Toys R Us, followed close by Sear and Kmart, as home brands like JCPenney stocks have melted down to around $3. 
Are we witnessing a collapse of just single industry that fell victim to the computer induced deflation, or is this the beginning of complete wipeout of whole sectors of the economy, from banking to movies to methods of transportation, to finally the form of money we use? What happens if tomorrow the Fed announces that all paper money are withdrawn from circulation like in India, implying an immediate monetization of all 20.6 trillion dollar of Federal debt, equivalent to 30% dollar devaluation? Are you ready?




5…………> Applied Global Warming: Winter US Cyclone

The National Weather Service (NWS) has warned that “Arctic air mass will remain entrenched over the eastern two thirds of the country through the end of the week. Very cold temperatures and dangerously cold wind chills expected,” suggesting that a new weather phenomenon named a “bomb cyclone” will arrive during a cold snap that has already claimed at least 11 lives. 

Forecasters say a severe pressure drop will lead to an explosive winter storm along the eastern US, and is already bringing snow to Florida.

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