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Bibi1581 Blog For 07/03/2018: Morning Edition 

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1…………> San Francisco: In A Cloud Of Smoke 

Sara Broyles@s_broyles

Skies/fog were orange and hazy from the #CountyFire this morning. Almost zero visibility of the bridge. Hoping everyone is evacuating safely.

2:42 PM – Jul 1, 2018 · San Francisco, CA

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The nocturnal Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco is under a cloud of smoke, and the skies above the city had a ghastly golden glow from out-of-control fires spreading across California, as one blaze that ignited in western Yolo County spread over the weekend to neighbouring Napa County. 

The fast-marching fire has scorched at least 142-square kilometres of dry brush and threatened more than 100 buildings in ranch land northwest of Sacramento. 


2…………> MX to The US, Back To MX: Route Of Death

The deadly cartel’s trade is killing Mexicans and Americans, as the BBC spoke to an American drug smuggler who hauled narcotics into the US from Mexico. But what he returned across the border with was potentially even more deadly.

3…………> ICE Raid On Ohio: “Zero Tolerance”

As some 200 armed ICE agents, backed by helicopters and canine units, descended on a small Ohio town carrying out a surprise immigration raid by gathering all workers in one large room, telling American citizens to go to one side and the undocumented migrants to the other.
There, 114 undocumented workers were arrested, 50 of whom lived in a trailer park nearby, stunned witnesses of President Donald Trump’s hardline immigration policy, workplace raids that would spread fear in small US towns hundreds of miles away and have a profound impact on their communities. 


4…………> Roots Of Culture: “Fab Five”?

Many years ago people of wisdom have said that if no one is praising us, why not we praise ourselves? This story if a bookcase of this adage, as an elegant and witty associate of U.S. News and World Report, has rated the five most culturally influential countries in the world, the coveted “Give me <five> babe”; i.e. US, Italy, France, UK and Spain, two of which are currently Islamic Sheikdoms, namely France and UK, two that are trying to escape the clutches of EU blatant Islamization, and lastly the US, the only country that had the guts to elect a president who turned his back on the globalist, multi-cultural mania of the last ten years.

Despite those unflattering remarks, [the lagging] global influence is often measured by the military, political or economic might, but for some countries, it’s the strength of the culture – its food, fashion or entertainment – that most strongly impact the wider world. So read on, and vote your picks!

5…………> Down With ICE: LA Protests

Waving postcards such as “Reunite families now, Stop abusing children”, “Abolish ICE,” and “Down With Trump”, dozens of people protested at the entrance of the Metropolitan Detention Center against the federal immigration policy of separating families detained illegally crossing the U.S. border. 

Police began arresting people for unlawful assembly around 11 a.m. local time, 

rounding up seventeen protesters outside the ICE building downtown Los Angeles, and there was no clash between the demonstrators and policemen. 

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