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Bibi1581 Blog 11/03/2018: Evening Edition

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1…………> Today’s White House Tweets: President Trump


28 minutes ago

Another fantastic tonight in the Great State of Florida. In just 3 days, the People of Florida are going to elect and to protect your jobs, defend your BORDERS, and CONTINUE MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! 🇺🇸

11 minutes ago

If you want to protect criminal aliens – VOTE DEMOCRAT. If you want to protect Law-Abiding Americans – VOTE REPUBLICAN!

17 minutes ago

. is a great guy and a team player. He will represent his District, State and Country at the highest level. Danny is strong on Military, our Vets, Second Amendment and all of the things that we so strongly stand for. Vote for Danny – he has my Strong Endorsement!

3 hours ago

Heading to Pensacola, Florida – will be there soon. Amazing lines of people wanting to get in – what a crowd! Is this a sign of Republican Strength on Tuesday?

3 hours ago

Governor of Arizona is doing a great job. Doug is strong on Crime, the Border, and our Second Amendment. Loves our Military & our Vets. Vote for Doug, he has my full and Complete Endorsement!

5 hours ago

….Lake Okeechobee and all of the hurricane money were a passion for Rick Scott, who called endlessly on behalf of the People of Florida. Vote !

In all the time I’ve been President, almost two years, never once did Senator Bill Nelson call me to ask for help for the Great State of Florida. I never see him until election time….

5 hours ago

Rumor has it that Senator Joe Donnelly of Indiana is paying for Facebook ads for his so-called opponent on the libertarian ticket. Donnelly is trying to steal the election? Isn’t that what Russia did!?

5 hours ago

Arizona is such a Great State but it needs Border Security which will provide, and Krysten Sinema doesn’t even think about. If it were up to Sinema – drugs, crime and illegal traffic will be flowing into Arizona at an ever increasing pace. Vote for Martha!

5 hours ago

If Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi gain the majority, they will try to raise your taxes, restore job-killing regulations, shut down your coal mines and timber mills, take away your healthcare, impose socialism, and ERASE your borders. VOTE for and !

8 hours ago

Landing in Montana now – at least everybody admits that my lines and crowds are far bigger than Barack Obama’s…

9 hours ago

New York, get out and VOTE for , a great and hardworking Congressman. We need John’s voice in D.C. His opponent just moved to the area – is Pro-Iran and Anti-Israel. Vote for John. Has my Strong Endorsement!

Nov 2

As the FIRST female Governor of Iowa, cut taxes, balanced the budget (with a 127 m surplus!) & fostered a pro-growth environment where incomes are rising & unemployment is 2nd lowest in the Country! Proud to be in Des Moines to support my friend. Vote for Reynolds!

9 hours ago

Get out and VOTE for !

12 hours ago

A vicious accuser of Justice Kavanaugh has just admitted that she was lying, her story was totally made up, or FAKE! Can you imagine if he didn’t become a Justice of the Supreme Court because of her disgusting False Statements. What about the others? Where are the Dems on this?





2…………> New Caravan On Route: El Salvador


Assisted by authorities, a group of about 1500 men, women, children and old people formed a new caravan that is to travel through Mexico on the way to US border in search of modern life, despite threats by President Trump to deploy US military to prevent the bulging invasion.





3…………> Russian Mega-Cruiser: Barent Sea


Heavy nuclear missile cruiser “Peter the Great” of Russia’s Northern Fleet entered the Barents Sea  to “perform combat training missions,” according to Russia’s DOD.

The cruiser crew will conduct a series of exercises on anti-submarine and air defense and perform combat training exercises with the use of useful weapons, it said. Two Russian Tu-142 anti-submarine planes on Friday patrolled the neutral waters of the Norwegian Sea for more than 12 hours, and the flights strictly abided by international law.






4…………> Ayatollahs New Toy: A Domestic Fighter Jet


Iran launched production of the domestically designed Kowsar fighter plane, state television reported, after the United States announced the reimposition of sanctions on Tehran.

“Soon the needed number of this plane will be produced and put at the service of the Air Force,” Defense Minister Amir Hatami said at a ceremony to inaugurate the production line. He added that the venture highlights the capabilities of Iranian experts despite “sanctions by enemies.






5…………> A Message Of Peace


Leave the madness behind and listen to the music of eternal peace and hope, Christus Vincit circa 1982.



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Bibi1581 Blog For 01/04/2018: Morning Edition

1…………> MS13 Slammed: Ohio

“ICE will continue to be relentless in our efforts to rid the community of MS-13 members and the related criminal activity that comes with gang activity,” said Rebecca Adducci, field office director for ERO Detroit, which covers Michigan and Ohio. “Working together with our law enforcement partners, ICE will use its unique authorities to arrest MS-13 members who are subject to removal from the United States,” as four additional members and associates of MS-13 have been charged by a federal grand jury in conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute cocaine and marijuana, alien in possession of firearms and/or ammunition, obstruction of justice, destruction or removal of property to prevent seizure and illegal reentry of a previously removed alien.



2…………> First Americans: Siberia

Lower sea-levels created dry land in the Bering Strait some 20,000 years ago, allowing a single wave of migrants to move into the American continent from Siberia, this is according DNA analysis the 11,500-year-old remains of an infant girl from Alaska have shed new light on the cross migration of the Americas. 

Analysis of the child’s DNA indicated that she belonged to a previously unknown, ancient genetic pool.



3………….> A Family Quarrel: Bannon vs Trump Part 2

President Trump’s lawyers issued a “cease and desist” order on former deputy incoming book, followed by a lengthy and striking statement slamming the former chief strategist, Steve Bannon, over comments that appear in the “Fake News” press.
“Steve Bannon has nothing to do with me or my Presidency,” the statement read. “When he was fired, he not only lost his job, he lost his mind. Steve was a staffer who worked for me after I had already won the nomination by defeating seventeen candidates, often described as the most talented field ever assembled in the Republican party.”


4…………> Immigrant Crime:Finally 

In a flash of brilliance, the lieutenants of Ayatollin Merkel have finally found proof that the relentless flow of military age Islamic State and Al Nusra Brigade punks aka “Obama Boys” flooding the country pretending to be “refugees,” are in fact a security issue threatening the well being of lawful citizens.

According to a study conducted by the Zurich University of Applied Sciences and paid for by Islamic Merkeldom of Germany’s Ministry of Family Affairs, police witnessed an increase of 10.4 percent in reported violent crimes in 2015 and 2016. More than 90 percent of the increase was said to be attributable to migrants, suggested a link between an increase in reported violent crimes in Lower Saxony and a significant increase in migrant arrivals in the state.
It is yet another proof of the wholesale treachery of the “Open Borders” crowd’s determined efforts to convert the continent to Islam, despite the fact in the US Hillary and her hoodlum supporters got size 15 boot in the face, courtesy of Trump & Co.



5…………> What’s “Jumos”: Bannon Dictionary 

“The chance that Don Jr did not walk these jumos up to his father’s office on the twenty-sixth floor is zero,” a quote from President Donald Trump’s former chief strategist Steve Bannon in an excerpt from an explosive new book. 

But what exactly is a “jumo”? 

Let’s try “Google Translate”. 

No luck?

Some think it could be a slur invented by Mr Bannon. Another thinks it could be the new covfefe. 

Urban Dictionary says a jumo is a “Dominican expression for when you are extremely drunk”. 



6…………> Peoples vs Ayatollahs: Iran 

Despite threats from the judiciary that rioters could be sentenced to death, protests resumed after nightfall with hundreds flooding the streets of mid-west, town Malayer.

“People are begging, the supreme leader is acting like God!Death to the dictator” they chanted.

Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards were deployed to three provinces to crush the anti-government unrest after six days of protests that have rattled the clerical leadership and left at least 22 people dead.

In a state-sponsored show of force aimed at countering the outpouring of dissent, thousands of Iranians earlier took part in pro-government rallies in several cities, chanting, “The blood in our veins is a gift to our leader” and “We will not leave our leader alone,” in reference to Mr Khameni. 

In a sign of official concern about the resilience of the anti-government movement, the Revolutionary Guards’ commander said he had dispatched forces to three provinces to tackle “the new sedition”.

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Bibi1581 Blog For 01/01/2018: Morning Edition

1…………> Back To Tora, Tora: Japan

Despite of Japan’s government insistence that post-war constitution does not specifically ban Japan from having aircraft carriers, transforming two Izumo class warships currently designated as helicopter destroyers into test bed for Lockheed Martin F-35B Lightning sea based squadrons appears to have brought chills into the timbers of usually very confident Chinese generals who’s memories of assorted brutalities and war crimes committed by the Imperial occupying forces were reminisced lately by the anniversary of the Nanjing massacre.

On the other side, the “nuclear shakedown” currently on display by Mr.Xi’s puppet Comrade Un and territorial ambitions by PLA, ranging from the Philippine atolls to Japan’s shores of disputed islands leave little doubt who the new bad kid on block is, and all this during the reign of President Trump and his GOP “friends” who share power with “Deep State” McCain,Clinton, Swamp Alligators & Co parallel US government, a government that already owes nearly $21 trillion dollars.

Our beloved Mr. Sinatra used to ask in one of his songs,”Where the road will take us, only fool can say?”

Unfortunately, we must paraphrase Uncle’s song as, ” We know where the road will take us, please tell us how to flee.”

Have you seen the bumper sticker, “I am surrounded by idiots?” 



2…………> Noise & Air Deaths: Statistics

A recent DW article claiming that “one out of four people die as a course of environmental pollution” has won the Islamic Merkeldom of Germany statistical association “Unstatistik” the “non-statistic of the month award, a confirmation of Mark Twain immortalized joke of “Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics.” 

The culprit?

An epidemiological study, based on data from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the UN Environmental Project (UNEP) that attempted to assign a specific rate of deaths to factors of environmental pollution.

A noted Islamic Merkeldom of Germany statistician warned against using deaths figures to trigger panic.

“There are too many possible sources of error in it. It is totally undefined, what a death caused by environmental factors is. In the case of the WHO data, he argues, it could include people who drown in a lake or fall from a ladder. All such causes of death could be avoided by more environment-conscious or careful behavior,” Dr. Walter Krämer explained. 


3…………> One Against The Ayatollahs: Iran

Oppressed, hungry and fed up with the illegal powers of the Ayatollahs, people took to the streets, leading to ten more people been killed and hundreds arrested in anti-government protests that broke out on Thursday drawing in tens of thousands of demonstrators.

The protests are the biggest since 2009, when months-long demonstrations were brutally suppressed after our 1st Muslim President, Grand Ayatollah Barack Obama choose to side with the terrorists and remain silent, leading to hundreds of people being executed by the Kudz Force. In addition, he gave his Shia Brethren $150 billion in credits and billions more in cash, an idiotic “deal” mocked now by President Trump who is clearly supporting the people of Iran quest for freedom.

4…………> “Fake Republican Lies”: Meadows 

After giving their multinational masters a hefty tax cut by a huge expansion of the national debt that is supposed to trickle down to ordinary Americans on Main Street, U.S. Representative Mark Meadows has suddenly recalled that he is “fiscal conservative” ready to battle the liberals proportional increases for non-defense “discretionary” spending on programs that support education, scientific research, infrastructure, public health and environmental protection.
“The (Trump) administration has already been willing to say: ‘We’re going to increase non-defense discretionary spending … by about 7 percent,'” Meadows, chairman of the small but influential House Freedom Caucus, said on the program. 

“Now, Democrats are saying that’s not enough, we need to give the government a pay raise of 10 to 11 percent. For a fiscal conservative, I don’t see where the rationale is. … Eventually you run out of other people’s money,” he said.–business.html?.tsrc=fauxdal



5…………> It is Too Late,Baby It’s Too Late: Comrade Un
DPRK “Main Man” Comrade Un said that the United States should be aware that his country’s nuclear forces are now a reality, not a threat, yet struck a conciliatory tone in his New Year’s address, wishing success for the Winter Olympics and hinting that the North may join the festivities.

“The U.S. should know that the button for nuclear weapons is on my table. The entire area of the U.S. mainland is within our nuclear strike range. … The United States can never start a war against me and our country,” a beaming Comrade Un said.

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