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Bibi1581 Blog For 08/19/2018: Morning Edition

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President Trump called the new, $716 billion dollars National Defense Authorization Act “the most significant investment in our military, and in our warfighters, in modern history” while speaking to troops at Fort Drum, New York. It authorizes hundreds of new planes, ships, tanks, and most importantly, raises pay for military personnel.





2…………> An Attack On Cavanaugh: Failing NY Times


In a desperate attempt to derails the confirmation of Judge Cavanaugh to the US Supreme Court, Democrats have moved from credit cards and Nationals tickets to his testimony about the extent of his involvement in the early-2000s nomination of Judge Charles Pickering to the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. Unfortunately for the Senate Democrats questioning Kavanaugh about his knowledge of a specific event in the Pickering fight during Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing for the D.C. Circuit, he said, “This was not one of the judicial nominees that I was primarily handling.”





3…………> Turkish Humanity: Aid To The Poor


Two billion people are living in poverty while 753 million others experience extreme poverty and are struggling to survive, on the World Humanitarian Day, celebrated each year on Aug. 19.

134 countries were in need of humanitarian assistance to survive in 2017 starting with Yemen, Syria, Turkey  and followed by Ethiopia, Iraq, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Kenya, Haiti, Malawi, Colombia, Sudan, Chad, Zimbabwe, Mali, Ukraine, Cameroon, Lebanon, Pakistan, Burundi, Jordan, Central African Republic, Uganda, Niger, Palestine, Mozambique, Madagascar, Libya, Angola, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Myanmar.

Two billion people get less than $3.2 per day. Meanwhile, impoverished people, whose figure was 753 million, have less than $1.9 daily.

Turkey becomes the largest donor In 2017, Turkey was the largest humanitarian aid donor with $8.07 billion, followed by U.S. and Germany.





4…………> Mr.Xi New Socialism: Expanding Uighurs Gulags


China is expanding its “political re-education” camps targeting Turkic-Muslim Uighurs in Xinjiang region, and vast numbers of the mostly Muslim minority group, including the secular, old and infirm, at camps across the country’s northwest.

Satellite images analyzed by intelligence professionals show that camps have been growing, with up to one million people, or about 7% of the Muslim population in China’s Xinjiang region now been incarcerated in an expanding network of “political re-education” camps.

Former inmates said they were instructed not to pray, keep a copy of the Quran or fast during Ramadan, and some were forced to eat pork, which is forbidden in Islam.






5…………> Chinese Heaven: Sichuan


A land of an endless sky, lazy rivers surrounded by majestic mountains, and fields of flowers extending to the horizon. Enter China South-West province of Sichuan.


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