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George Sorbane Quotes 1. The Manitou of America will creep in you, rejoice you when she shines above, and offend and sadden you when she is put down The Endless Beginning.
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1…………> Today’s White House Tweets
Donald J. Trump

Donald J. Trump @realDonald J.Trump
Donald J. Trump Retweeted
Michael Coudrey
Mar 8
Everyone who thinks coronavirus is harmless or doesn’t matter should rethink that opinion immediately.
This is an extremely dangerous pathogen with wide spreading implications, including neurological impairment, brain, lung, heart & reproductive damage.
A thread on (#COVID19):
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Donald J. Trump
White House News Conference at 12:30 P.M. Thank you!
Donald J. Trump
HYROXYCHLOROQUINE & AZITHROMYCIN, taken together, have a real chance to be one of the biggest game changers in the history of medicine. The FA has moved mountains – Thank You! Hopefully they will BOTH (H works better with A, International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents)…..
Donald J. Trump



2…………> The 21th Century War President: Donald Trump
The President invoked the Defense Production Act to fight corona-virus, saying malaria drug could help treat COVI-19 patients, calling himself a wartime president, enforcing special powers designed for times of combat, as US corona-virus cases rising higher than 10,000.
“I only signed the Defense Production Act to combat the Chinese Virus, should we need to invoke it in a worst case scenario in the future. Hopefully there will be no need, but we are all in this TOGETHER”, Mr.Trump declared.
Meanwhile, California governor ordered the entire state into lock-down, following predictions that 25 million residents will contract corona-virus, as more than 40 million residents have been ordered to stay in their homes, with the state having 1,000 cases of corona-virus, and at least 18 people there have died during the outbreak, with 56% of people in the state are expected to become infected in the coming months.
Mr.Trump sent a Navy hospital ship to LA to help on a personal request by Governor Gavin Newsom, in a rare show of bi-partisanship between Republican President, and reportedly the nephew of House Speaker Nancy, “Anyone caught urinating in front of my mansion will be deported to Arizona”  Pelosi, after  he has been spewing “blue fire” against the democratically elected, Electoral College confirmed President, and his deplorable supporters for nearly three years.
3…………> The Treachery Of The Liberals: Homeless Tragedy In Corona-Virus Deadly Path?
Corona-virus has hit the general population of US very hard, and the homeless even harder, as Washington has convicted street people, many of them veterans, to die in communal shelters’, without the comfort of a home to self-quarantine in, and deprived of regular access to sanitation, making it more likely to contract the deadly infection. As cases keep overwhelming  New York City shelters, D.C. social services workers are warning about the city’s homeless, since they need hands regularly, stay at home if possible, stay away from large crowds and keep a safe distance. But what if your home is a dirty tent without running water? Or if you can only get a warm meal, and a roof over your head in a shelter where the beds are packed together in cramped quarters?
The US organization National Alliance to End Homelessness warned that facilities with poor access to sanitation,street’s peoples age, poor health, disability, and living conditions make them highly vulnerable to illness.
4…………> Young Cells Immunotherapy: Cancer First, Pray Corona-Virus Is Next
The age of certain immune cells, aka natural killer (NK) cells, used in immunotherapy plays a role in how effective the treatment is:
“Now we know where these special natural killer cells come from and that we can never get them from an adult donor, only a pluripotent stem cellNBased on their unique behavior alone, there is one small clinical trial of these cells that is ongoing. Now that we know how to manufacture them and how they work, it opens the door for more trials and for improving upon their function”, said senior author,  and assistant professor of medicine, Mr.Christopher M. Sturgeon, MD .
5………..> The Age Of Absurdity: Corona-Virus, Followed By Biden & Buttigieg in the White House
The VP of our beloved 1st Muslim President,Grand Ayatollah Barack,”We must spread freedom around the world by reading our citizens emails” Obama, “Uncle” Joe,”Sleeping in a wrong century” Biden’s, has declared that his best choice for a running mate may be an African-American woman or a Gay man:
“If I’m elected president, my cabinet, my administration will look like the country, and I committed that I will pick a woman to be my vice president”, he declared, with Kamala Harris, Elizabeth, “Pocahontas” Warren, Amy Klobuchar, and Stacey Abrams being the most likely candidates for the role.
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Bibi1581 Blog For 08/04/2018: Morning Edition

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1…………> “Where Is The Rice?”: Comrade Un


North Korea’s foreign minister Ri Yong-ho claimed that the United States is not holding up its end of their recent denuclearization deal, telling the ASEAN regional forum that both sides need to take “simultaneous actions,’ and that North Korea has halted nuclear and missile tests and is also dismantling its site for atomic weapon experiments.

“However, the United States, instead of responding to these measures, is raising its voice louder to maintain the sanctions against [North Korea] and show the attitude to retreat even from declaring the end of the war, a fundamental and primary step for providing peace on the Korean Peninsula,” he said in a speech made available by Pyongyang’s delegation.

Washington has maintained it will only agree to end the Korean War formally — having signed the 1953 armistice — once the North has denuclearized.




2…………> You Freeze Me, I Freeze You: Erdogan


Clearly enraged by the idiotic pressure tactics of Obama holdovers at the State Department who conspired with FETO to assassinate and turn Turkey into another Syria a few years back,  the Turkish president said he will freeze assets of the U.S. “justice and interior” secretaries in Turkey.

“I am instructing my friends today. We will freeze assets, if there are any, of the U.S. justice and interior secretaries in Turkey,” Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, speaking at ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party’s Women Branch Congress in Ankara.

Erdogan said the Turkish nation would not step back because of “threatening rhetoric and silly decisions” of sanctions.

“Especially the latest step by America regarding pastor Brunson issue in Izmir is an ill-fitted step for a strategic partner,” he added.

“Turkey cannot be an item of U.S. domestic politics like it became in Europe. Repeating the faults that Europe did, will not earn America anything,” Erdogan said.






3…………> Trump Insults God: i.e., LeBron James


US President Donald Trump has taunted US basketball player Lebron James and suggested that he prefers Michael Jordan after the LA Lakers star accused Mr.Trump of being divisive in a CNN interview.

The president responded on Twitter by saying: “Lebron James was just interviewed by the dumbest man on television, Don Lemon. He made Lebron look smart, which isn’t easy to do.”

The president implied that he preferred basketball star Michael Jordan, perhaps a reference to the debate over whether Jordan or James was the better player.

James fired back by saying the following:

“Sports has never been something that divides people. It’s always been something that brings someone together. He [Mr. Trump] is dividing us and what I noticed over the last few months that he’s kinda used sport to divide us and that’s something I can’t relate to because I know that sport was the first time I was ever around someone white.”





4…………> World’s Greatest Enemy: Pollution 


A study of 4,000 people in the UK found those who lived by loud, busy roads had larger hearts on average than those living in less polluted areas.

This was despite the fact people in the study were exposed to pollution levels below the UK guidelines.

Researchers called on the government to reduce air pollution more quickly since it is linked to one in six deaths, as a team of scientists, led from the Queen Mary University of London, analyzed health data of people who had no underlying heart problems and were part of the UK Biobank study, including the size, weight, and function of their hearts.

Researchers also looked at the pollution levels in the areas they lived in, and their study found a clear link between exposure to higher pollution levels and more substantial right and left ventricles – primary pumping chambers in the heart.

For every extra one microgram per cubic meter of PM2.5 – small particles of air pollution – and for every ten additional micrograms per cubic meter of nitrogen dioxide, the heart enlarged by about 1%.





5…………> Majesty, I Is Hungry: Steve Lawlor


A homeless man named Steven Lawlor, 44, who trespassed in the grounds of Buckingham Palace, entering the protected royal site on July 16, breaking poster boards and glass cabinets fixed to metal railings to use as bedding, then slept in the Royal garden, has been jailed 49 days.

He stayed there for more than four hours before the security guards spotted him on CCTV cameras, but fortunately, the Queen was not in the palace at that time.

In 2016, a convicted murderer was jailed after climbing over the wall to get inside the palace and stay there for ten minutes. (Xinhua)


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Bibi1581 Blog For 06/02/2018: Morning Edition

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1…………> Keep Open: Coal, Nuke Plants
“President Donald J. Trump believes in total energy independence and dominance, and that keeping America’s energy grid and infrastructure strong and secure protects our national security, public safety, and economy from intentional attacks and natural disasters,” White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said in a statement Friday.“Unfortunately, impending retirements of fuel-secure power facilities are leading to a rapid depletion of a critical part of our Nation’s energy mix and impacting the resilience of our power grid.”


“President Trump has directed Secretary of Energy Rick Perry to prepare immediate steps to stop the loss of these resources and looks forward to his recommendations,” Sanders added.


The move would be unprecedented because the plants in question are at risk of closing down due to increased competition from abundant natural gas and renewable energy sources. The policy would coerce the owners of power grids across the nation to purchase electricity from coal and nuclear plants.
2…………> Indian Dust Storm: Casualties
“We have reports of 16 people dead due to the storm which started on Friday evening. The casualties are from various districts of the state. The Moradabad district reported the highest number of deaths — seven.” T.P. Gupta, an official at the State’s Relief Commissioner Office in Lucknow, told Anadolu Agency.

Mahesh Palawat, the head of private weather agency Skymet, told Anadolu News agency that the intensity of Friday’s dust storm was “severe” in some places. “In most places, there is no prediction of any similar dust storm in the days ahead,” he said.

He said at least 12 people were also injured in the storm.

Local media reported that most of the deaths in the state were due to houses collapsing and trees falling.
3…………> Ptolemy IV Coin: In Aussie Rainforest
A  bronze coin minted during the reign of Egypt’s Pharaon Ptolemy IV, who ruled the country between 221 and 204BC, was found more than two millennia later in 1912 Australia, buried a few inches underground in the depths of the far north Queensland rainforest by a man named Andrew Henderson, who had abandoned the gold mining fields of Victoria for a warmer climate.

“Henderson got a block of land in the scrub and he became a settler,” far north Queensland historian, Dave Phoenix said.

“One day in 1912 he was building a fence line and as he was digging a hole for a fence post his shovel hit something metallic.

“He reached into the hole and pulled out this coin.”

Henderson paid little attention to the coin at the time; when he returned home, he put it in a drawer and all but forgot about it for the next 40 years.


Among the most probable of theories is that the coin dropped out of a miner’s pack as they walked along the Aboriginal trail on the way to the Hodgkinson goldfields west of Cairns.
4…………> US Skid Row: UN Report
UN report on the persistence of extreme poverty in the US concludes that is a political choice made by people in power, and also criticizes the government policy for making healthcare a privilege rather than a right. Poverty in the United States is widespread and worsening under President Donald Trump, according to a human rights investigator for the United Nations.

Philip Alston, the UN special investigator on extreme poverty, said the Trump administration appears determined to pull the social safety net out from under millions of poor people while rewarding the wealthy with tax cuts.

In his report, Alston called on the US to address the underlying problems facing the underclass rather than “punishing and imprisoning the poor.”


He noted that welfare benefits are being slashed and access to health care has become more difficult during Trump’s presidency. This, in conjunction with “financial windfalls” for the super-rich and big corporations,  has significantly widened the inequality gap.

Since President Lyndon Johnson’s war on poverty in the 1960s US social policy towards the poor has been “neglectful at best,” Alston said.

“But the policies pursued over the past year seem deliberately designed to remove basic protections from the poorest, punish those who are not in employment and make even basic health care into a privilege to be earned rather than a right of citizenship,” he said.

In a country of about 325 million people, nearly 41 million live in poverty — including 18.5 million in extreme poverty. Alston said children accounted for 33 percent of the poor. No other industrialized country had so many children mired in poverty, he said.

The data used to compile the UN report only covers the period through 2016, so there are no comparative figures that could measure poverty levels before and after Trump took office in January.


5…………> ISIS Aficionado: Miami
Vicente Adolfo Solano, 53, a citizen of Honduras residing in Miami, was sentenced to 210 months in prison, to be followed by a lifetime of supervised release, for attempting to provide material support to the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS), a designated foreign terrorist organization, after planning to detonate an explosive device at a Miami mall.  Solano pleaded guilty on March 14.


Solano told an individual, who later became a Confidential Human Source (CHS) for the government, that he was upset with the United States and wanted to conduct an attack in Miami.  Later, Solano told this CHS that he wanted to join ISIS.

Solano planned to place and detonate an explosive device in a crowded area of a popular Miami mall.  Solano discussed his plot with the CHS and two undercover FBI employees.  According to the complaint, Solano provided three videos to the CHS, in which Solano makes pro-ISIS statements and expresses anti-U.S. sentiments.  Just prior to his arrest, Solano took possession of what he believed was an explosive device, took steps to arm it, and walked toward a mall entrance in order to carry out his attack.  Unbeknownst to Solano, the device was inert and did not pose a risk to the public.  Solano was taken into custody prior to entering the Mall.

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Bibi1581 Blog For 05/15/2018: Morning Edition

1…………> Memory Transplant: Marine Mammals

Scientists have successfully transferred a memory from one marine snail to another, a research result that will improve scientists’ understanding of memory’s cellular and molecular processes that are very similar in humans and snails, and may pave the way for better treatments for post-traumatic stress disorder and Alzheimer’s disease.

Seven of the snails that received the new RNA then went on to hide in their shells for an average of 40 seconds when the scientists came knocking, according to a paper published today in the journal eNeuro.

“It’s as though we transferred the memory,” said the study’s senior author, Dr. David Glanzman, from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Professor Glanzman said in future it might be possible to awaken and restore memories that have gone dormant in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease or ameliorate the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder.



2…………> Let’s Go Sailing: Europa

During NASA’s Galileo spacecraft 1997 flyby Jupiter’s moon Europa, a bend in the celestial body magnetic field appears to have been caused by a geyser gushing through its frozen crust from a subsurface ocean, giving researchers reason to infer that water plumes are shooting into space.

“We know that Europa has a lot of the ingredients necessary for life, certainly for life as we know it. There’s water. There’s energy. There’s some amount of carbon material. But the habitability of Europa is one of the big questions that we want to understand,” said planetary scientist Elizabeth Turtle of Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory.

“And one of the really exciting things about detection of a plume is that that means there may be ways that the material from the ocean — which is likely the most habitable part of Europa because it’s warmer and it’s protected from the radiation environment by the ice shell — to come out above the ice shell.

“And that means we’d be able to sample it.”




3…………> Worksite Enforcement: ICE

Following a directive by Deputy Director Thomas Homan calling for increased worksite enforcement investigations to ensure U.S. businesses maintain a culture of compliance, HSI opened 3,510 worksite investigations; initiated 2,282 I-9 audits; and made 594 criminal and 610 administrative worksite-related arrests, respectively. In comparison, for the fiscal year 2017 – running October 2016 to September 2017 – HSI opened 1,716 worksite investigations; initiated 1,360 I-9 audits; and made 139 criminal arrests and 172 administrative arrests related to worksite enforcement.

“Our worksite enforcement strategy continues to focus on the criminal prosecution of employers who knowingly break the law, and the use of I-9 audits and civil fines to encourage compliance with the law,” said Acting Executive Associate Director for HSI, Derek N. Benner. “HSI’s worksite enforcement investigators help combat worker exploitation, illegal wages, child labor and other illegal practices.”

ICE is the federal agency responsible for upholding the laws established by the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) of 1986, which requires employers to verify the identity and work eligibility of all individuals they hire. These laws help protect jobs for U.S. citizens and others who are lawfully employed, eliminate unfair competitive advantages for companies that hire an illegal workforce, and strengthen public safety and national security.





4…………> Let’s Go Homeless: Seattle

What are the advantages of being homeless? Below are some scattered thoughts:

1. You don’t have to watch “Fake News”, or any news at all, but could in the news yourself.

2. You ain’t got no money, pay no taxes, own nothing except your blanket and possibly a pillow.

3. You can sleep as long as you can until unwelcome hunger wakes you up.

4. No social fly considerations, fashion, daily washing and grooming and other annoying waste of time.

5. You can shout at anybody smaller than you, and show a finger to someone bigger than you, provided he is across a tall fence.

6. All the money you collect are absolutely tax-free, and the extra quarters earned by selling your empty cans and bottles do not need to be reported to IRS.


Apparently, the Seattle City Council is trying to violate your Constitutional rights to sleep under that cozy and safe underpass by voting unanimously for a passage of “housing affordability” tax, a “fat-cat” tax that will raise $47million from those poor guys at Amazon and Starbucks who have piled up so much money that a cash purchase of the US government is not out of the question. 

“We remain very apprehensive about the future created by the council’s hostile approach and rhetoric toward larger businesses,” said Amazon’s vice president Drew Herdener disagreed following the vote.

“[It] forces us to question our growth here.”

And Starbucks said: “This City continues to spend without reforming and fail without accountability.”




5…………> Yogurt Diet: A Delicious Miracle?

Results from a new study at the University of Wisconsin-Madison supports the hypothesis that yogurt can reduce inflammation by improving the integrity of the intestinal lining, thus preventing endotoxins, the pro-inflammatory molecules produced by gut microbes, from crossing into the bloodstream.

In a sample of 120 premenopausal women, half obese and half non-obese, half of the participants were assigned to eat 12 ounces of low-fat yogurt every day for nine weeks while a control group ate non-dairy pudding for nine weeks.

Team leader Dr.Brad Bolling, assistant professor of food science at Wisconsin-Madison, and his associates took fasting blood samples from participants at various points during the study and evaluated an assortment of biomarkers that scientists have used to measure endotoxin exposure and inflammation.

The results showed that while some of the biomarkers remained steady over time, the yogurt-eaters experienced statistically significant improvements in certain key markers, such as tumor necrosis factor or TNF, an important inflammation-activating protein.

“The results indicate that ongoing consumption of yogurt may be having a general anti-inflammatory effect,” said Dr.Bolling.

A study published on Monday in the Journal of Nutrition provided new evidence that yogurt might help dampen chronic inflammation, a factor in inflammatory bowel disease, arthritis, and asthma.

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Bibi1581 Blog For 01/13/2018: Morning Edition

1…………> Las Vegas Shooting: New Leads

The question of the century? What motivated a 64-year-old multimillionaire professional gambler Steven Paddock to kill 58 people and injure hundreds by opening fire from a sniper’s nest on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay resort in Las Vegas into an outdoor country music concert below, attended mostly by Trump supporters and admirers?

How did he sneak in 19 assault weapons and hundreds of rounds of ammo into his room without anybody from hotel security connecting the dots? And why his Filipina girlfriend whose fingerprints were found on some ammo casings by the FBI saw nothing, heard nothing and knew nothing about a clearly defined, multi years trek to a mass murder?
Why did the Islamic State claimed responsibility for Paddocks attack, and why the authorities ignored and hushed it up, despite evidence and accounts from FBI profilers that all such claims by the Jihadists in the past have proven to be true?
Do you smell rats? Is someone suppressing evidence of a major terrorist attack in favor of keep hotel rooms full with gamblers? Judge yourself.


2…………> Hijab Attack Up North: Toronto

Toronto police are hunting for an Asian male suspect in his 20s after he tried twice to cut off with scissors the hijab an 11-year-old Muslim girl on her way to
Pauline Johnson Public School.

“I felt really scared and confused,he continued cutting at my hijab again” Khawlah Noman said.


3…………> Venezuela Burning: Food Riots

“In this town, lots of people go hungry,” said Addy Coromoto Valero, deputy to the National Assembly for Merida state as 4 people died and 16 were injured during riots this week in Venezuela’s state over food shortages.

“An armed group in moving vehicles shot at people queueing to buy rice in front of a store,” said Mayor Silvio Luis Torres.


4…………> IS Brethren: Money Laundering

Marchello Dsaun McCain, a convicted violent felon and the brother of Douglas McCain, the first known American who died fighting for the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS), was sentenced in federal court today to 10 years in prison for his illegal possession of a cache of firearms and body armor and making false statements to federal agents involving international terrorism.

In a related case, Canadian national and former San Diego resident Abdullahi Ahmed Abdullahi was charged with providing, and conspiring with Douglas and other individuals in the United States and Canada to provide, material support to terrorists engaged in violent activities in Syria, that is, a conspiracy to murder, kidnap and maim persons in a foreign country.

In imposing an 10 year sentence, the court found that defendant’s obstructive conduct frustrated, delayed and thwarted the United States’ efforts to uncover the scope and membership of conspiracies to provide material support to terrorists and a foreign terrorist organization, ISIS.

“ISIS has brought the war on terror closer to home by directing and inspiring attacks in the U.S. and other countries, thereby putting Americans lives in danger,” said U.S. Attorney Adam Braverman. “By lying to federal agents, Marchello McCain delayed, frustrated and thwarted an investigation into a group that supplied U.S. and Canadian fighters to ISIS. We are committed to doing whatever it takes to protect American lives here and abroad.”




5…………..> Dog Fighting Boys: NC

Brexton Redell Lloyd, 54, of Eagle Springs, North Carolina, pleaded guilty to one felony count of conspiracy and two felony counts of possession and training a dog intended for use in an animal fighting venture, contrary to the animal fighting provisions of the federal Animal Welfare Act. Each count carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

“Organized crime has no place in North Carolina or the United States – and dog fighting of this sort is nothing short of organized crime. Our law enforcement partners at the Department of Agriculture, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Moore County Sheriff’s Office, and the N.C. State Highway Patrol demonstrated exceptional coordination in bringing this defendant to justice,” said United States Attorney Matthew G.T. Martin for the Middle District of North Carolina. 

“Yesterday’s guilty plea and our continuing efforts to investigate and prosecute these cases send a strong message that our justice system will not tolerate the torment and death of animals in the fighting ring, all for the sake of illegal gambling,” said Acting Assistant Attorney General. “Federal law is clear on this point and will continue to be enforced.”

“The provisions of the Animal Welfare Act were designed to protect animals from being used in illegal fighting ventures, which often entail other forms of criminal activity involving drugs, firearms and gambling,” said Special Agent in Charge Bethanne M. Dinkins for U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Office of Inspector General. “Together with the Department of Justice, animal fighting is an investigative priority for USDA OIG, and we will work with our law enforcement partners to investigate and assist in the criminal prosecution of those who participate in animal fighting ventures.”


6…………> LA Skid Row: A “Shithole” Now

“The three major reasons for people being homeless in Los Angeles County are: housing availability, housing affordability and poverty,” Los Angeles homeless services authority executive director Pete White explained as his organization counted a raising number of individuals on the streets – about 58,000 in 2017, a 23 percent increase compared with the year before.

With more than 2 million households facing housing costs exceeding half of their income, the gap between income and the cost of housing is so huge, that even having a full-time job will not be enough to prevent a person, or even an entire family, from becoming homeless.

An eye-opening video featuring thousands of homeless people on the streets of Los Angeles appeared on the web over Christmas, showing people in the 50-block district Skid Row having erected tents to have a shelter for the night.


The “Fake News Media” has exploded in anti-Trump frenzy following his remark about why migrants from “shithole” countries are flooding Americas motherland, while the “Open Borders” exponents of McCain, Hillary, “Hoodlums” & Co are ignoring the fact that millions of our own citizen brothers and sisters are sleeping on the sidewalks, courtesy of 40 years of relentless treachery by the Council of Foreign Relation and its wholly owned subsidiary, Unified Party USA?
In plain English, the elites are letting millions of citizens rot and die on America’s streets, while flooding the country with fresh pee drenched peddlers from distant lands in hope that they will vote DNC, and that is what you call “shithole” traitors.

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