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Bibi1581 Blog 11/22/2018: Evening Edition

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A Happy Thanksgiving from Miss KotKot1581





1…………> Today’s White House Tweets: President Trump



 2…………> An Asian Tragedy: Dog Slaughter House


Officials in South Korea dismantled country’s largest dog slaughterhouse, identified as the Taepyeong-dong complex in Seongnam city, that will be converted into a public park, as Humane Society International (HSI) found “horrifying” conditions inside the factory, including electrocution equipment, knives, and a de-hairing machine.

One million dogs are consumed every year and dog rights activists have sought to end the custom, despite that the meat is considered a delicacy in South Korea, and attitudes have changed in recent years.

“This is a historic moment,” Korean Animal Rights Advocates (KARA) said in a statement.

“It will open the door for more closures of dog meat slaughterhouses across the country, expediting the decline of the overall dog million dogs.”

The Taepyeong-dong complex – an important source of meat for restaurants across the country – housed at least six slaughterhouses, holding several hundred animals at a time.  


3…………> A Blessed Thanksgiving: President Trump


“I hope that you’ll take solace in knowing that all of the American families you hold so close to your heart are all doing well. The nation’s doing well economically, better than anybody in the world,”

President Trump used a holiday call to troops deployed overseas to pat himself on the back, before telling reporters he was thankful for himself on Thanksgiving.

“You are our heroes,” he said, as club waiters worked to set Thanksgiving dinner tables on the outdoor terrace behind him.

Mr. Trump’s call, made from his private Mar-a-Lago club, struck a political tone as he spoke with members of all five branches of the military to wish them happy Thanksgiving. 


4…………> Water, Give Me Water: China


The iconic Yellow River, the second-longest in Asia, is now a tenth of what it was in the 1940s, and often fails to reach the sea, while the “mother river” of Beijing — the Yongding — used to run long and wide. For centuries it was the lifeblood of the capital, but it has been scorched for more than 30 years.

A water crisis could be the biggest threat to China’s rise as a superpower, undercutting the growth and stability so prized by the Government, with most of the northern parts of the country suffers from acute water shortage.

The statistics are alarming: in the past 25 years, 28,000 rivers and waterways have disappeared across the country, and now the former Chinese premier Wen Jiabao has warned the lack of water threatened the very survival of the nation itself.


5…………> A Family Quarrel: Uncle George vs Nephew Mark


One of “Uncle” George Soros’s young men has called on US politicians to probe Facebook, claiming the company had smeared the philanthropist, adding “this needs independent, congressional oversight” following the social network confirmed that it had hired a PR firm to make claims about the financier. Facebook had directed the PR firm Definers to investigate Soros’s links to the “Freedom from Facebook” campaign, which is seeking the company’s break-up. Mr. Schrage added that related documents were then sent to journalists on Facebook’s behalf.



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Bibi1581 Blog For 05/05/2018: Morning Edition

1…………> “Sell Your Tesla Stock”: Elon Musk

“We have no interest in satisfying the desires of day traders. I couldn’t care less. Please sell our stock and don’t buy it,” those were the encouraging remarks by Tesla CEO Elon Musk in a conference call with investors,

that was followed by shares slump of 5.6% to $285.45, shaving almost $US3 billion off company’s market value.

It was also his refusal to answer “boring” Wall Street questions about Tesla’s first-quarter earnings which sent the electric vehicle maker’s shares down as much as 7 percent earlier in the day, and an opinion by Wall Street analysts that the company may run out of cash around Christmas.

Mr. Musk was also asked about Tesla’s capital requirements and its nagging problem of failing to meet car-production targets.

“Boring questions are not cool,” he answered.


2…………> Down The Aisle: Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle’s father will walk her down the aisle for her wedding to Prince Harry, and the Kensington palace also confirmed that Ms. Markle’s mother, Doria Ragland, will stay with her daughter the night before the wedding and travel with her by car to St George’s Chapel in Windsor.

Following tradition, the bride and groom-to-be will not spend the night together before the wedding and the first time he sees her on the big day is when she is walking down the aisle.

“Both of the bride’s parents will have important roles in the wedding. Ms. Markle is delighted to have her parents by her side on this important and happy occasion,”




3…………> Anger From Below: Mt. Kilauea


Fresh eruptions sent fountains of lava 100ft out of the ground on Hawaii’s Big Island, destroying several homes amid fissures on three streets and deadly levels of dangerous sulfur dioxide gas in the air.

A number of increasingly strong earthquakes rocked the area after the eruption, with the US Geological Survey (USGS) reporting a 6.9 magnitude quake south-east of the volcano.



4…………> In Support Of NRA: Trump

“They don’t have guns. They have knives and instead, there is blood all over the floors of the hospital”, that is how President Trump described a hospital in London, where firearms are illegal but violence still erupts as criminals turn to knives.

“Your Second Amendment rights are under siege but they will never ever be under siege as long as I am your president. We cannot get complacent. We have to win the mid-terms,” Trump said at the National Rifles Association (NRA) annual meeting in the convention center in Dallas.

Gun control “diehards” accused Trump of bending backward to the NRA instead of working to curb gun violence.

“It’s the job of the president to ensure our public safety, but Trump takes his marching orders from the NRA,” Gabby Giffords, the former Arizona congresswoman who was badly wounded in a shooting, said in a statement. “Trump has ignored the pleas of young people demanding safer gun laws.”


5…………> “Argentina De Banana”: 40% Rates

Argentina’s central bank performed a series of money market operations that raised rates to 40% from 33.25%, all intended to help stabilize the national currency and prevent a repeat of its 2001-2 economic crisis that left its population in poverty.

The peso jumped more than 5 percent against the US dollar following Friday’s announcement, having sunk nearly 8 percent the previous day.

Inflation is currently running at 25.4 %, and most analysts expect the headline figure to remain close to 20 percent. Investors say with one of the world’s highest inflation rates, Argentina is particularly vulnerable to investment losses.

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Bibi1581 Blog For 12/20/2017: Morning Edition

1…………> Revolving Door To US: Mexican Murderer Nailed

A 30-year-old Mexican national, Juan Eduardo Meraz-Flores, serving his third round in federal prison for entering the US illegally, was charged with murder in the fatal 2007 shooting in the head of a Fort Worth auto shop owner and married father of three. Meraz-Flores has a long criminal history that mirrors the outrageous and illegal disregard by Obama’s ICE political appointees of criminals being illegally in our country, despite his arrests for possession of marijuana, evading arrest, criminal mischief and burglary.



2………..> Pervert Removed: El Salvador

A subject of Interpol Red Notice international arrest warrant Elvis Recinos-Agreda, 39, was removed from the US via an ICE Air Operations Charter flight and transferred into the custody of Salvadoran authorities upon arrival to the capital of San Salvador.

“Recinos-Agreda sought refuge within our communities to avoid facing sexual assault charges in El Salvador. ICE has not wavered in its commitment to keeping our neighborhoods safe by arresting and removing those criminal aliens who seek to hide among the law-abiding residents of this great city,”said Thomas Decker, field office director for ERO New York. Recinos-Agreda is wanted by law enforcement authorities in El Salvador on charges of aggravated sexual assault of a disabled minor, pornography, sexual harassment, aggravated rape, sexual harassment, indecent exposure, other sexual assaults and continuous offenses.



3………..>Ready For War: Camp Humphrey

As the drums of war with North Korea grow louder and louder by the day, and Trump administration implies that we are close to a confrontation than ever before, just 100 miles south of the border of the DMZ, US soldiers on the grounds of Camp Humphrey’s and their 23 Apache attack helicopters live that potential conflict every day, praying for peace yet planning for ground invasion and occupation with a nuclear armed enemy that could take years and possibly millions of lives.



4…………> We Are Not Alone:

The leader of the $28 million dollar Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program, parts of which still remain classified, investigated incidents of UFO sightings as US fighter jet videos shows “rotating” aircraft, but later resigned from his post due to heavy handed secrecy surrounding the project.

“My personal belief is that there is very compelling evidence that we may not be alone,” the Former Military Intelligence Official Luis Elizondo ran the Pentagon’s UFO Unit said.



5…………> Gulf Cartel Boss Caught: Mexico

“The Gulf Cartel is one of the most violent and brutal drug trafficking organizations, posing a threat to the citizens of both the United States and Mexico. This significant extradition is the result of our strong law enforcement relationship with the Government of Mexico, and the Department of Justice’s continuing efforts to combat international narcotics trafficking,” said Acting Assistant Attorney General John P. Cronan as the suspected former leader of the Mexican Gulf Cartel, a drug dealer goon code named “Mario Pelon” and “X-20,” aka  Mario Ramirez-Trevino, was extradited to the United States from Mexico to face drug conspiracy charges, along with 25 other defendants, to manufacture and distribute five kilograms or more of cocaine and 1,000 kilograms or more of marijuana for importation into the United States. He is also charged with two counts of attempted distribution of five kilograms or more of cocaine for importation into the United States for his involvement in a shipment of approximately 10 tons of cocaine, seized by Mexican authorities in October 2007, and a 2,400 kilogram shipment of cocaine seized by the Panamanian authorities in November 2007.



6…………> “Lions of Allah”: IS Man In The Slammer

“[David] Wright plotted to kill innocent Americans on behalf of ISIS. Despite the fact that he was born in Massachusetts, Mr. Wright turned against his country and joined a radical terrorist organization. He became a soldier of ISIS and recruited U.S. citizens to commit attacks within the United States aimed at killing civilians and police officers. Today’s sentence affirms our commitment to protecting the public and prosecuting those who pledge allegiance to our enemies,”  said Acting United States Attorney William D. Weinreb after David Daoud Wright, a/k/a Dawud Sharif Abdul Khaliq, a/k/a Dawud Sharif Abdul Khaliq, 28, of Everett, Mass., was sentenced to 28 years in prison for a conspiracy to provide material support to ISIS, conspiracy to commit acts of terrorism transcending national boundaries, conspiracy to obstruct justice, and obstruction of justice. Beginning in 2015, Wright began discussing ISIS’ call to kill kafirs(non-believers) in the US by creating a “martyrdom” operation cell in Massachusetts named “Lions of America”, and plotted with co-conspirators to behead U.S. citizens at the direction of ISIS, identifying a New York woman as his first beheading target. Three knives were purchased for the  plot, and extensive research done on weapons, knives, machetes, bombing making components, and methods to subdue their victims. Wright also conducted research on “how to start a secret militia in the United States.”

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