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George Sorbane books

George Sorbane Quotes:

1. “The truth is like a septic tank and the smell will eventually get out no matter how hard we tighten down the hatch.” “The Endless Beginning”

1…………>  Today’s White House Tweets


Donald J. Trump


Looking forward to helping New York City and Governor Andrew Cuomo  complete the long anticipated, and partially built, Second Avenue Subway. Would be extended to East 125th Street in Harlem. Long in the making, they now have the team that can get it done! 


Donald J. Trump


Just had lunch with French President Emmanuel Macron . Many good things are happening for both of our countries. Big weekend with other world leaders.


Donald J. Trump


“Face It, You Probably Got A Tax Cut!” This was a New York Times headline, and it is very true. If Republicans take back the House, and keep the Senate and Presidency, one of our first acts will be to approve a major middle income Tax Cut! Democrats only want to raise your taxes!


Donald J. Trump


The Media is destroying the Free Press! Mark Levin. So True!


Donald J. Trump


Thank you both. Sooo nice!


Donald J. Trump



2…………> G7 Confrontation: Globalists vs Trump


Street by street fire fights have erupted among G7 nations as leaders gathered for an annual summit, exposing sharp differences on global trade, Britain’s exit from the EU, and how to respond to the fires raging in the Amazon rainforest, with the President of the Islamic Sheikdom of France, Rabbinical Grand Ayatollah Emmanuel Macron, the summit host, planned the three-day meeting in the Atlantic seaside resort of Biarritz as a last chance to unite a group of wealthy countries that have struggled in recent years to speak with one voice, as US has entered its MAGA transformation under President Trump. 

But two US officials said President Trump’s delegation was annoyed that Mr. Macron had skewed the focus of the meeting to “niche issues” at the expense of the global economy, which many leaders worry is slowing sharply and at risk of slipping into recession, and in a bleak assessment of relations between once-close allies, European Council President Donald Tusk said it was getting “increasingly” hard to find common ground.

Mr.Macron set an globalist agenda for the group — the Islamic Sheikdoms of France, Britain, Canada, the Islamic Merkeldom of Germany, Italy, Japan and MAGA country of the United States — that included the defense of democracy, gender equality, education and the environment.

 He invited Asian, African and Latin American leaders to join them for a global push on these issues.

Mr. Trump arrived in France a day after responding to a new round of Chinese tariffs by announcing Washington would impose an additional 5 per cent duty on some $US550 billion of Chinese imports, the latest tit-for-tat trade war escalation by the world’s two largest economies.(ABC.AU)


3…………> Ayatollah Boris Johnson: Trump Must Compromise


Traveling to the G7 summit in Biarritz, France, the PM of the Islamic Sheikdom of formerly Great Britain, Grand Ayatollah Boris Johnson said there were “very considerable barriers in the US to British businesses”, and the US must lift restrictions on UK businesses, if it wants a trade deal with the UK.

Offering an example of a restriction, Mr Johnson said: “Melton Mowbray pork pies, which are sold in Thailand and in Iceland, are currently unable to enter the US market because of, I don’t know, some sort of food and drug administration restriction. We intend to seize those opportunities but they are going to require our American friends to compromise and to open up their approach, because currently there are too many restrictions.” 

 “If you want to export wine made in England to the US you have to go through a US distributor,There is a tax on British micro-breweries in the US that doesn’t apply to US micro-breweries in the UK. There are massive opportunities for UK companies to open up, to price open the American market. UK bell peppers cannot get into the US market at al, and wine shipments are heavily restricted,” the righteous PM said.

Ayatollah Johnson also discussed the possibility of a tax on internet giants, following the French government’s decision to approve a digital services tax despite threats of retaliation by the US.


4…………> Shaw Air Force Base: A Cluster Of Suicides


Shaw Air Force Base in South Carolina is planning a tactical stand-down over three days in August and September to help the personnel to “recharge” following the suicides of three airmen in the past year, with the total number of Air Force suicides already reaching 79 this year.

The 79 deaths, which occurred in the Air Force from January to July 2019, were nearly twice as many compared to this time last year, and officials fear 2019 could be the deadliest in history, as the military branch has recorded about 100 suicides per year over the past 5 years.

 Derek O’Malley of Shaw Air Force Base posted a video on Facebook Wednesday detailing their plans to allow Air Force personnel time to recharge their batteries during a Resilience Tactical Pause (RTP) at the base.

 Christopher Rhoton, 35, Justin Strickland, 26, and Jose Llanes, 28, all committed suicide at the base this year, according to Sumter County Coroner Robert Baker.


5…………> A Message of Peace


Leave the madness behind and listen to the music of eternal peace and hope, Christus Vincit circa 1982.


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